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The internet has made it easier for people and businesses to connect across the world. It has also increased the risk to people and data. As teams and resources become more distributed, cybersecurity programs require strategic investment across several key areas.

A strong program can ensure your people and data remain securely connected, accessible, and protected.

Cybersecurity Services

Penetration Testing

When assessing the strength of your system, network, or application, we perform a thorough evaluation of the current infrastructure and its capabilities. We then deliver our findings in a vulnerability report that identifies potential risks and security flaws.

We take a proactive approach to cybersecurity, working with you to design or mature your network infrastructure. A well-designed network mitigates risk and minimizes unnecessary points of exposure.

Network Infrastructure

Identity & Access Management

We implement and manage identity & access management systems, including overseeing the access and governance of identities within a network.

Case Studies



Problem: Their increasing network traffic was resulting in out-of-balance utilization across system resources and significant decreases in performance across the network. So they began upgrading the aging F5 load balancers with new, more powerful models. However, the upgrade had to be rolled back only a few hours after the initial implementation, because the load balancers had lost connectivity to the real servers that made up the pool for the virtual servers.

Solution: We helped identify the source of the issue. Our consultants worked closely with the vendors to troubleshoot the issue. As a result of this work, network traffic is now being processed efficiently and the load on network and systems resources is spread evenly, which has brought performance back down to nominal levels and reduced the amount of pressure on individual network components.

Problem: The Compliance and Security (C&S) team within AI&R did not have an existing penetration testing capability for applications or web services deemed in-scope when performing security reviews.

Solution: We partnered with the C&S team and helped determine the best approach to testing different applications and services. The AI&R organization now has a security sign-off for an application or service that indicates that it has been penetration-tested.

All penetration testing of in-scope applications and services is completed internally within the AI&R team, resulting in less lead time, quicker turnaround, and reduced dependencies to complete testing.




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