Securing your M365 environment in 60 days

A service for organizations that don’t have dedicated M365 security expertise. We help you secure your M365 environment, better than trying to DIY without necessary expertise, AND at a more affordable price than you probably expect.


What you get

Our proven 8-step M365 service will pave the way for your organization to operate and grow successfully, with the peace of mind that comes from having a secure digital environment.

Stronger defenses

Achieve a security posture to protect against M365 attack patterns

Improved Secure Score

Significant improvement in Microsoft Secure Score

Ongoing support

Ongoing support to help you maintain a healthy M365 security posture

Experienced practitioners

Affordable on-demand expertise

Why is it better than alternatives?

Managed service offerings cost more

Dedicated security engineers are a significant investment

Our service is right-sized for your organization and priced affordably

How we do it

Here are the 8 steps we use to secure your M365 environment

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We assess the current state of your M365 security posture

Meet your dedicated team

How much does it cost?

Starting at $5,000

We emphasize affordability. Final pricing will be determined by number of business users, devices, and internal resources to collaborate with.

A 45 minute meeting
to help you get started

We will answer your questions and provide an affordable quote to get started.


Kalles Group has a been a fantastic partner... I sleep much better knowing I have a trusted resource to call in the event of a security incident or question.

John Carpenter
IT Director, Madrona Venture Group

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