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How do you pronounce “Kalles”?

'Kalles' is pronounced as 'CA-less', with emphasis on the first syllable. Just like "callous" (but less of a nuisance).

Can I get entry-level guidance from a real person to figure out what I need?

Yes. We offer free consultation with guidance during an introductory call. We will determine if a professional engagement makes sense. Request a consultation and we'll follow up ASAP.

I’ve never heard of Kalles Group; why should I trust you?

That's okay! We have been trusted by numerous clients– Fortune 50 to small businesses –since 2010. If you'd like to speak with a prior/existing customer, let us know and we're happy to provide a referral.

I’m having personal security/network issues at home; can Kalles Group help me?

Our expertise is focused on businesses and commercial organizations of all sizes. We recommend you seek out online reviews for home security solutions in your area.

What industries does Kalles Group serve?

Kalles Group is industry agnostic, but we have experience serving Technology, Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy, Retail, Transportation, Construction and more. We tailor services to meet the needs of each sector.

How many people work for Kalles Group?

Kalles Group operates with ~40-50 team members actively engaged at any time. However, our extended network includes several hundred professionals, allowing us to tailor team composition to each client's specific needs.

How much do your services cost?

Pricing depends on the specific needs, duration, and expertise level required. We strive to work within your budget. Contact us for a personalized quote tailored to your unique situation.

Where is Kalles Group located?

Our team is "virtual-first" and spread across many physical locations, with our HQ in Seattle, WA. This allows us to offer flexible and secure support to our clients, regardless of location.

How does Kalles Group handle client confidentiality?

Client confidentiality is paramount. We adhere to strict privacy and security protocols in all engagements. We will not disclose information or identity without your permission.

How do you ensure compliance with security standards?

We establish a non-negotiable security baseline based on regulatory and industry-leading best practices, making compliance an integral part of our approach.

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