Microsoft Copilot Enablement

The pace of work is outpacing our ability to keep up. Copilot works alongside you to amplify human ingenuity and innovation with AI infused across the suite of Microsoft 365 apps.

We’ll help you build your AI transformation strategy by identifying top personas and processes that would deliver value if reimagined with AI. We can support you on every step, from evaluating technical readiness and building a business case to driving a change management program to transition processes and adapt behaviors for a truly successful implementation of Copilot.

What you get

Amplified creativity and innovation

Find time to be more creative with a Copilot that works alongside you, embedded in the Microsoft 365 apps millions of people use daily, including Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Loop, and more.

A new wave of productivity

Turn your words into the most powerful productivity tool using Natural Language. And spend less time searching for information and more time focused on important work with cross-app intelligence.

Responsible, secure AI

Ensure your data remains protected within your Microsoft 365 tenant and take comfort knowing it is always within your control.


Dive into Expertise

User Enablement: Driving Safe Adoption of New AI Technologies


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Microsoft AI Copilot Business Integration Guide

Assessing your organization's readiness for AI tools.

Your future is secured when your business can use, maintain, and improve its technology

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