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Seahawks quotes to encourage your team

If you know Washingtonians, you know we will take any opportunity we can to talk about the Seattle Seahawks. Doesn’t matter if we’re in the regular season, the off-season or halfway around the world, the 12s family stands by the boys and (most) of their decisions.

Under the lead of Head Coach Pete Carroll and All-star Quarterback Russell Wilson, there’s a lot we can learn about teamwork, perseverance, and being, well, plain awesome. Here are our top four quotes from the boys that can help you build a Super Bowl-worthy team in your office.

Seattle Seahawks Tip 1: Hire the best and trust their decisions

“I embarked on a process of discovering who I was, not only as a football coach, but more important, as a person.” – Pete Carroll in his book “Win Forever

Carroll is known for his philosophical mindset and his personable approach to being a notably “player’s coach” in the NFL. One of the thoughts I cherish most from him is how he gets the best and trusts them to do what they do best – play great football. Like your team at work, hire the best and trust their decisions.

Seattle Seahawks Tip 2: Positivity can be infectious

“Yes—we’re all competitors who’ve faced adversity before and the only way we have to do it is focusing on the task at hand, and not wondering how it happened to us, but wondering how we’re going to bounce back and move forward. Obviously that’s crucial for us right now.” – Doug Baldwin to The Seattle Times on moving past the Super Bowl

Sorry, folks. Had to bring this one up because it is important to remember where we can improve and to take these moments in stride. While the Super Bowl loss was a tough one, we will become better as a team because of our own individual improvements and positive mindsets.

Positivity can be infectious. Remember that the next time hard times fall upon your team at the office.

Seattle Seahawks Tip 3: Own your leadership role in the office

“Hopefully, my leadership. I think that’s the biggest thing. Obviously I can throw and run and do all that stuff, but I think there’s a lot of guys in the National Football League that can do that type of thing. I think that what I try to do is I try to bring something extra to the table every time I step on the field.” – Russell Wilson to The Seattle Times on his skillset as a QB

We all need leaders who excel in particular areas in our offices. Find the leader in you and let your team know. Having a team where everyone brings a unique skillset, whether it’s physical or mental, is what makes Super Bowl wins.

What are you known for in the office? Whether you’re the one who brightens everyone’s day with doughnuts in the morning or the creative thought-leader, that’s a leader in my book. Own your leadership role in the office and make yourself known.

Seattle Seahawks Tip 4: Out-of-the-box thinking that engages consumers

“I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” – Marshawn Lynch at his Super Bowl Media Day press conference

Warning: Please do not say this in the next meeting and tell your boss you got this idea from a great blog you’ve been reading! This one I’d like to dive a little deeper. This iconic statement challenged the status quo, creatively engaged fans in conversation and let the world know the kind of person Marshawn Lynch is. When you think about it, these are things a creative tech corporation would like – out-of-the-box thinking that engages consumers at a global level and lets the individuals at the company shine. Sign me up!

In the Seahawks we trust. As a 12, they have showed me to think beyond my mistakes, make my work shine and communicate more efficiently with my team to reach our goals, while still maintaining my own integrity.

What is your Seahawks mantra?

Oh, and, Go Hawks!