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Our Promise

We will help humans navigate change successfully, because process and technology alone will fail.

Systems and change

Things don’t always go to plan. Our experts can dive right in or provide strategic guidance on getting your project back on track.

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Humans can experience strong reactions to change,especially when it impacts their habits or daily work.

Our team has extensive experience and is ready to help as you navigate others through change.

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Do you feel like you are solving the same business problems again and again without seeing the improvements you expected?

We can help you end this cycle by evaluating your technology as well as the processes that surround it. We assess how best to optimize your plan, define the process, and measure results that take your specific constraints and challenges into account.

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You have a lot going on and we're eager to jump in and help your project succeed.

Our seasoned project management professionals thrive on wading into ambiguity to drive results, in a way that builds trust and camaraderie.

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User enablement

We assess and analyze your organization to identify learning opportunities that will positively impact the way humans process to get the most out of your investments in technology.

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We use results from a learning needs assessment to envision and design the best learning methodology for sustained behavior change.

We have a history of successful outcomes for many customers that have resulted in online learning games (gamification), infographics, user guides, in-person or online learning with corresponding facilitator guides and learner activities.

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We have an engaging team of learning professionals who can help facilitate and deliver your learning objectives.

We will work with your trainers to enable them to lead custom courses (Train-the-Trainer) or we can step in to facilitate, guide, and lead learning and training initiatives for you.

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Have you ever struggled to keep track and utilize the wealth of your organization's knowledge assets?

We shorten the learning curve for new and existing employees to stay educated and informed along with helping your business reduce costs.

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People leadership & culture

Successful implementation of your technology and programs starts with understanding your goals and existing environment.

Our team of experienced professionals will come alongside to help create a sustainable solution for your team.

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Meet our team of experienced professionals and leverage their expertise for your organization.

Ask our on-staff advisors how they navigated venture capital start-ups, built non-profit organizations, and advanced global enterprises.

We invite you to mine our team’s knowledge to enrich your organization.

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Team coaching. Strategic communications. One-to-one peer collaboration.

Ask us how we leverage industry-recognized executive training programs to bring your security team to the next level. Let us create a bespoke plan for providing organic leadership development in your organization.

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