Secure the apps – The top 3 applications against cyberthreats

Last week, we discussed how to bulk up your security from your home base, but what about in the office? After all, the only things protecting your company’s infrastructure are the applications and knowledge of the people you’re working among.

The 2015 (ISC)2 Global Information Security Workforce Study noted last April application vulnerability is the top security concern among information security professionals, shortly followed by malware and configuration mistakes. Scanning these applications showed to be the biggest flaw in professionals, who mentioned they largely are reacting to the security threats after an intrusion has occurred.

Rather than sifting through the various applications out there, here’s our lineup of the top three any company needs and the software they can trust with their security.

User authentication – Make sure the only people getting into your office’s network are the only one’s that are supposed to in the first place. These applications assist to monitor and demand passcodes before users can get access to the network, documents or sensitive websites.

Tool for the job: RSA SecurID will do the trick, with its three-layer protection model of authenticator, platform and agent. Serving 55 million users, this software extends to a variety of network usability, from employees who use their own devices to cloud and mobile.

Proactive protection ­– If you’re a company with plenty of information you need protected, you better bet someone wants to get into your network. Investing in and installing on every device running on your network some strong anti-malware software that will run in the background is a no-brainer for any company needing bulked up security.

Tool for the job: Symantec Endpoint is a top-of-the-line, proactive, fast and smart software that delivers layered security against the deepest threats. It will monitor your network at all times and squelch any threat that comes to the gate.

Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS and IPS) systems – Anti-malware software can sometimes only do so much. These systems go physically into your computer or server and send alerts when issues arise, allowing you to make more knowledgeable decisions about how to react.

Tool for the job: Cisco’s FirePOWER systems have received the highest score among these systems from NSS Labs for six years. Cisco offers a variety of systems that offer varying levels of protection, speed and dynamics to enhance your security.

I’ve handled some pretty high-priority, confidential information for a few big companies around here. Leaks and threats happen, but having these applications installed allow me, and the companies I’ve worked for, to not have to worry about the security of my network and focus on the real creative project at that time.

What would you recommend to your boss tomorrow to improve the office’s security infrastructure?

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