Real relational business in the virtual world

Making your business work entirely in the virtual world is no longer a daring and unknown journey into the abyss. Thanks to the Amazons, eBays and Expedias of the world, we now know what it takes to make a successful business with just a computer and a skilled team of experts. Let’s explore some tips from these experts to get you moving on your next business venture.

First off, let’s think of ideas for your adventure. Entrepreneur’s Yanik Silver recommended these thriving options as the absolute easiest ways to make money on the Internet: Information marketer, eBay seller, affiliate marketer, blogger or Yahoo Store seller.

Business.com’s Samuel Edwards, who spent four plus years working as a digital marketing strategist for several large enterprise companies, outlined in a blog the four key steps it’ll take to get you started.

  1. Setup your website: This will involve finding a company to host your website, choosing a content management service, designing the look and feel, and excessively testing everything before you go any further.
  2. Develop a content strategy: Content drives the success of online businesses. Ensure you select the content that meets your needs and start planning your strategy.
  3. Be social: Facebook and Twitter empowers small companies to compete against the larger ones, according to Sprout Social. Through social media, businesses are able to connect with and engage younger audiences in whole new ways.
  4. Know the numbers: One of the key aspects of online is we are able to see every nitty gritty detail of how people like to view websites. Knowing this information can allow you and your team to make educated actions to maximize your profits.

It’s no surprise how important an online presence is for any business today. Unfortunately, it seems many businesses are still running around with little foresight into what they need to be doing to effectively handle their marketing. According to Smart Insights, only about 50 percent of businesses are using digital marketing, but don’t actually have a plan. Put your business ahead of the curve right away by ensuring you have a plan going into this world.

Online retail was huge this last holiday season for my family, friends and myself. No longer were we going out into the mess of stores to try and hunt down the perfect present when Amazon and other websites were not only readily available, but giving us inspiration for present ideas. You see, online is making it easier as a consumer to get exactly what they need – even if they don’t know they need it.

If you could make an online business, what would it be? The boundaries are limitless.

Your future is secured when your business can use, maintain, and improve its technology

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