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A lesson in LinkedIn best practices: Transform your profile from social résumé to a powerful business tool

LinkedIn is the most popular, and probably most important, social network for professionals. However, people often get lost in the résumé clutter that fills their profile. Here are some tricks to transform your profile from a social resume to a powerful business tool:

#1. Use LinkedIn for professional networking to promote your business. Did you know that you can actually export your connections to another contact management system? Once you export, your contacts are there for you to use for email campaigns or social platforms. Clever, huh?

#2.  Keep your LinkedIn profile socially engaged with your Twitter. While you can no longer automatically sync your tweets to publish on LinkedIn, you can still do the opposite and post your LinkedIn posts to Twitter. Engage both your LinkedIn and Twitter followers at the same time by syndicating your LinkedIn posts to your Twitter account. It’s as simple as clicking the “Share” box before submitting. Try it out!

#3. Use your LinkedIn as a way to market your company. Why not show the world what amazing and innovative ideas your company has to share. Remember: bragging is highly encouraged when it comes to LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn’s targeting options to segment each post to the most relevant group of people. This can help increase audience engagement with just a click of a button.

#4. Endorse those that deserve it. Giving recognition where it’s deserved can be very useful down the road. Maybe that random sales guy you met at a conference awhile ago has now become a major CEO and founder; thankfully you endorsed him a year back, and now he’s giving you a call offering you the position of your dreams… You just never know. That’s an extreme example, but you get the idea. Endorsements—and even simple congratulations on new job titles—can open up conversations and new opportunities for business.

How have you transformed your LinkedIn yet? Don’t miss out on the benefits.