Keeping up-to-date as a traveling consultant

Just because you’re on a plane, train or automobile doesn’t mean your busy life needs to come to a halt. Thanks to modern mobile technology, long gone are the days when travel made you inconveniently unreachable for hours or days.

If you’re like me, you view this downtime as a major headache. Here’s some of the tech I highly recommend to help keep you dialed in and improve your efficiency while you hop on flights this summer for some relaxation or business.

1. Stay online

While tethering and having your phone act as hotspots aren’t new, the world of mobile routers has grown much more advanced over the years, and won’t run up your cell phone’s data bill.

TechHive recently dove into some of the tech and has provided their review on the top six routers that will give you a secure network to safely work within. The D-Link DIR 510L proved to be the fastest and most flexible of the bunch while also being able to run on the battery power of your computer and charge your phone or tablet.

2. Stay charged

We’ve all been there staring at our phones dreading the moment we get the 20 percent battery life notification. When it hits, you’re forced to begin thinking about where the closest place to park yourself will be and how you can give it the most charge for your time. Maybe it’s slouched against a wall, holed up in a tiny charging cube or awkwardly pinned between two people. Either way, you rely on your phone to stay alive with you.

Based on how much you work, you have a couple options. For the avid cell phone user, I’d recommend the NIFTY mobile charger to ensure your battery stays alive again and again. For the more on-to-go, casual user, consider going with a sleek battery pack case like the Anker Ultra Slim Extended Battery Case.

3. Stay quiet

Don’t be that person sitting at the airport talking on speakerphone or yelling at people because it’s too loud. Nobody wants to be part of your meeting, and, honestly, there’s got to be some lines in your NDA that say you shouldn’t hold these conversations in public places anyways.

Keep your conversations private by investing in a nice pair of noise canceling headphones. I recommend taking it a step further and also purchasing ones with Bluetooth functionality to give you more freedom to move. The Bose QuietComfort 35s will not only give you the crisp, high-def sound the company is known for, but you’ll get solid battery life and free you of wires.

I’m always carrying these handy devices with me on the bus, plane or Uber rides to make sure I never am too far away from being unavailable.

What tech do you recommend carrying with you at all times?

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