Finding the right document management system for your organization

It’s the cause of many (at least of my) headaches and sleepless nights. When you get lots of people in on a collaborative project, maintaining control of your documents is vital to ensuring a streamlined process and that everyone’s voices are heard. Lots of document management systems (DMSs) are out there to help you better manage collaboration, so let’s explore which ones could help you.

Adopting a DMS can help you free up time and better secure your documents by not allowing them to be spread out throughout the office. While these systems have been around for years, we are constantly seeing improvement in performance and price.

  • TemplafyWe do a lot of work on our phones. Having a DMS with mobile capabilities will help ensure you always have your documents at hand. Templafy aims to seamlessly integrate with essential office suites and solutions. In doing so, you’re able to create multiple file types in a single thread. Downside – it’s more than $3,000 a month for the enterprise-grade version.
  • DokmeeAiming to save on cost, but not on quality? Dokmee runs $20-90 a month. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of its pricey-er competitors; it does include the essential ones, such as mobile access, security restrictions and an easy-to-understand filing.
  • eFile Cabinet – More and more businesses are looking to the world of remote employees. This DMS resolves the issues many of these businesses face by allowing remote employees to pull documents stored in the cloud-based system from any device with Internet.
  • PinPointAccess documents from anywhere and on any device. This web-based DMS makes it easy to search for documents, manage tasks, create favorites and more. Business News Daily called this one the best for small businesses.
  • XaitPorterA fully cloud-based solution means you can create documents in it and simplify collaboration. The flexible interface makes it easy to work with others simultaneously and provide feedback live. According to TechRadar’s rave about the software, it’s used by more than 45,000 businesses around the world.

In my experience, SharePoint has been the go-to option for many of the projects I’ve worked on. From processing workflows to providing clear version histories and document storage, it’s easy enough to use. At times, it can be buggy and seem like it has a mind of its own, but does the job.

Have you tried any DMSs? Always happy to hear what’s worked or not worked for you.