Exploring the new world of DevOps

Last month in my office, I came across a word I’d never heard of before – DevOps. It wasn’t long after I cracked a little joke about another lazily shortened, tech-lingo version of “Developer Operations” that my coworker turned to me with a moment of education about this cultural movement many businesses are adopting.

By the end of this year, Gartner expects a DevOps philosophy will be employed at about 25 percent of Global 2000 organizations. At its heart, DevOps is about people. Gartner defines DevOps as a change in IT culture to emphasize how our operations teams collaborate with our developer teams to accommodate agile and lean practices in the software development lifecycle. This is accomplished through the adoption of more automation tools we can program to meet our growing needs, and businesses love the challenge.

Benefits of building DevOps into your business can include greater developer productivity, higher operational efficiency and improved user experiences due to the constant flow of feedback, Information Week writes. If you’re considering implementing DevOps, they highly recommend you do your homework because it is by no means an easy task to implement its complexities and the large number of people required to see success. Get all necessary executive buy-offs and hire the right blend of team members to support your goals, as their job functions will be turning upside down.

But it wouldn’t be hard to criticize moving faster and with more moving pieces as opening the door for security threats. The Senior Vice President of Security Markets at Splunk told InfoWorld the same principles of automation and integration among tools are trends their security professionals are constantly exploring. For Splunk, continuous automated testing improves their application security while the increased visibility into operations improves network security.

For me, DevOps seems like a philosophy we’ve always known. While I am more on the marketing side of technology, there’s something distinctly human about DevOps’ practices. Your operations needs development, just like the mind needs the body or the sun needs the moon.

If this is something you’re interested in, Virtuozzo, the leading virtualization platform among service providers, and Jelastic, the best DevOps cloud platform with Docker containers, are teaming up to help empower midsize and large enterprises with a powerful tool, VentureBeat writes. The partnership aims to simplify and accelerate internal development with the introduction of an easily downloadable application orchestration platform.

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