Cybersecurity digest: Ransomware, social engineering, and MFA negligence

The following article on recent cybersecurity news and events was written by Kalles Group Security Consultant, Jayanth Kumar. This content appears in our monthly email Security Digest, which unpacks recent security incidents and details what you should know, and what you should do.


Ransomware Resurgence: A Ticking Time Bomb


What you need to know:

The cybersecurity landscape experienced a startling shift in Q2 2023 with a 74% increase in ransomware attacks. These attacks are becoming more advanced and pervasive, making them a significant concern for organizations worldwide​.

What you need to do:

Implementing effective countermeasures is crucial. EDR tools can be a key strength for organizations, in how they are implemented. For example, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint now offers automated mitigation for ransomware threats . As the sophistication of these threats grows, organizations must evaluate and enhance their automated response capabilities. Clearly defined metrics for timely counteractions to ransomware breaches are essential. Remember, with ransomware, the time taken to respond can significantly impact the overall damage.


MGM Resorts’ Deceptive Attack: The Perils of Social Engineering


What you need to know:

MGM Resorts fell victim to a likely social engineering attack, a method that manipulates individuals into divulging confidential information. This form of attack emphasizes the human vulnerabilities in cybersecurity. While MGM’s resilience was showcased by their decision not to pay a ransom, the incident serves as a cautionary tale about the subtleties of cyber threats​.

What you need to do:

Delve deeper into the MGM incident with this comprehensive analysis which sheds light on the tactics employed in the attack. Organizations are advised to invest in regular training sessions that emphasize the risks of social engineering, ensuring staff at all levels can recognize and thwart such attempts.

23andMe’s Security Lapse: The Consequences of MFA Negligence


What you need to know:

The breach at 23andMe, a popular DNA testing service, underscored the importance of stringent security measures. The absence of multi-factor authentication (MFA) on a significant number of accounts exposed a glaring oversight, providing an easy gateway for hackers​2​. Such breaches not only risk customer trust but also invite potential regulatory scrutiny.

What you need to do:

MFA is no longer optional; it’s a necessity. Organizations need to ensure that MFA is not just available but enforced across all user accounts. This incident is a stark reminder of the pivotal role that a proactive security mindset plays in safeguarding an organization’s reputation and customer data.

Take Action:

Embarking on the cybersecurity journey with a nuanced and updated map is imperative. As things continue to shift, we desire to work together to help you protect your organization from unconventional, and fast-evolving threats.

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