Transforming a security awareness program through user enablement


In a challenging phase for a Cybersecurity Awareness Program, our global retail customer faced a unique predicament. The Program Manager, pivotal for the project’s success, was frequently unavailable, leading to delays in critical, time-sensitive tasks. This situation necessitated creative problem-solving and adaptability, as the team had to navigate the complexities of progressing without consistent managerial guidance, relying on occasional support from higher management. This scenario underscored the importance of flexibility and resilience in project management, especially in dynamic and unpredictable environments.

User Enablement for Security Awareness Program


The team was confronted with a significant challenge: the unexpected and prolonged absence of their Program Manager, crucial for guiding a cybersecurity awareness initiative. This absence created a series of hurdles, primarily around time-sensitive decisions and approvals, which were essential for keeping the project on track. The team had to quickly adapt, navigating an uncertain and dynamic environment without their usual leadership, and relying on intermittent support from senior management. This situation tested their resilience and ability to maintain the program’s momentum, underscoring the importance of adaptability in project management.


The team’s approach was multifaceted and dynamic. It combined comprehensive training and change management with regular check-ins to align the project with stakeholders’ expectations. A variety of tools were employed, including Teams, MS Office, Zoom, Canva, ProofPoint, and MS Defender, to facilitate effective communication and collaboration. The team’s pride lay in not only maintaining but also significantly growing and maturing the program, taking it beyond its initial challenges to a more advanced stage of development.


The program’s success was marked by achieving several key goals from their roadmap. This included conducting specialized cybersecurity workshops, revitalizing their SharePoint sites, creating engaging infographics and posters for cybersecurity awareness, and designing distinctive logos. Additionally, the team exceeded expectations by developing comprehensive visual assets for company-wide use and establishing a vibrant Champions Community. These efforts collectively represented a significant leap forward in the program’s development and outreach.

"You came in, built relationships with everyone so well, strengthened the Cybersecurity Awareness program, and helped to mature our presence and community." Client Program Manager

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