Strategy planning & business case development


Our client, a leading platform and productivity company, established a technology research group with the mandate to research new products and tools for the organization. While the Compliance team within this Research organization already had a detailed Mission Analysis Worksheet and SWOT analysis process in place, they required assistance assessing existing analysis steps and tying results back to their strategic plan documents.

In addition, given recent changes in the organization, the team required assistance refactoring their roadmap to ensure alignment with strategic plans. Kalles Group (KG) was brought in to assist the team with this analysis and subsequent outputs.



KG began the engagement by reviewing core process documentation, such as the existing Mission Analysis Worksheet and SWOT analysis, to better understand the current approach and identify a list of risks. During this analysis, much discussion took place around content,
applicability to the organization and what opportunities exist to improve the team’s strategic plan.

It was quickly determined that the output of this effort would be a set of business case assessments (BCAs) that align with the redefined strategic initiatives.


Three detailed BCAs were created for discussion and KG was instrumental in developing the content for each document. The actions described in each BCA were tied to the company’s strategic objectives and included thorough and complete business case information.


Contents of each BCA, including budget allocation required for proposed actions, will be used to drive key business decisions, and will likely result in new workstreams around penetration testing, training and reporting. Leadership will use the BCAs to show how additional resource requirements fit into the strategic plan and existing budget.

As a result of this engagement, team leadership is committed to instilling additional planning and compliance process rigor into the broader technology research organization. In addition, leadership and our client’s peers expressed interest in implementing the methodology that was utilized in their own strategy planning.

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