Project leadership expertise builds tailored PMO


The Digital Transformation (DT) team of one of the world’s largest tech companies was responsible for supporting 14 global sales teams in achieving their revenue target of $970M. In order to successfully support the sales teams in reaching their goal, Kalles Group helped the DT Team create software integrations for efficient project management, design a standard project management process, and build training resources, metrics, and reporting templates for effective communication.



The DT team was tasked with several strategic initiatives as a means to support the global sales teams. However, there was no formal infrastructure for tracking all of the projects involved. Without an official process, effectively supporting more than a dozen international teams in reaching nearly a billion dollars in revenue was virtually impossible.

The DT team reached out to Kalles Group for help creating a safe and streamlined project management office (PMO) that would get existing projects back on track and help efficiently launch high-impact, high-visibility projects to create momentum for the organization.


This project had a quick deadline, as its completion was essential to the success of the sales teams. First, Kalles Group took a deep dive into the project management needs of the DT team. Once they clearly understood the priorities, they defined the best structure for the PMO. Next, Kalles Group built a set of tools and templates that would be most relevant for the needs of the project managers. Kalles Group then defined a streamlined project management process that would provide an organizational framework for project leaders—without creating unnecessary paperwork and slow-downs.

Kalles Group outlined key pieces of project information that would be requested by leadership team members. Then they created a standard set of metrics and a reporting deck template to ensure consistency and transparency for every project.

Kalles Group paid specific attention to all the technologies involved in order to capitalize on integration opportunities and ensure seamless communication between every tool. Additionally, Kalles Group was able to integrate a PowerBI project dashboard to create automated reporting for key project metrics.

All of the resources that Kalles Group built for the PMO were meticulously created so that a new project manager could easily understand and follow the protocols. Kalles Group created a playbook and an onboarding guide as resources that any new project manager could reference and easily follow from day one.


Prior to Kalles Group’s intervention, the DT team had no PMO, which made it impossible for them to effectively support the sales teams. Kalles Group addressed all of the issues and inconsistencies within the existing project ecosystem by defining and creating process, standardized management tools, and templates. The DT team now has a standardized way to plan and execute projects, including the following assets:

  • A playbook indicating how new project managers should manage a project from start to finish
  • An onboarding guide for newly hired project managers to follow, outlining expectations and procedures
  • An example of an optimally organized project with a sample schedule and Gantt chart
  • A suggested Rhythm of Business indicating cadence for status updates and meetings with stakeholders
  • Presentation decks for leadership team members on the roll-out plan
  • A PowerBI dashboard integration to show at-a-glance project statuses by deliverable
  • Standardized, branded templates for project managers to use for each project management step

Kalles Group created a safe and streamlined PMO to help one of the world’s largest tech companies complete high-impact, high-visibility projects across 14 global sales teams in order to generate nearly $1B in revenue.

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