Learning assessment ensures successful development of eLearning solution


Rapid growth can mean sudden success or swift business failure for a company, depending how it is handled. Our client faced a spike in demand that needed to be addressed quickly. Hiring to meet the pace of demand wasn’t possible, but a high-tech solution could easily meet demand with a high-quality product. Kalles Group helped the client shift to virtual processes which resulted in more capability for their workers, ability to capture client demand, and successfully expand their business.

Our client, an innovative healthcare service company, faced rapid growth. The company had a growing backlog of customers that needed to be onboarded. Employees were required to travel to customer locations in order to train them how to use the company’s programs. As growth continued, the company risked delaying or losing business if they could not keep pace with the increasing onboarding schedule.

Company leaders saw an opportunity to create a virtual app-based onboarding training which would save manpower and reduce travel costs. This would streamline the process and increase reach. Our client needed a partner with the expertise to design a virtual onboarding program that could replicate and improve the in-person training programs. For expertise and support to create an eLearning program, the client engaged Kalles Group as Learning Advisors.



An eLearning solution was a big risk – it was resource intensive and had the potential to vastly impact the business. In order to validate eLearning as the right solution, Kalles Group would need to review key pain points and evaluate whether eLearning could address those issues with improved solutions. If eLearning wasn’t capable of closing gaps, improving pain points, and effectively delivering the right learning at the right stages in the onboarding process, the program would fail. If the eLearning platform performed optimally, it would deliver onboarding information in a manner superior to in-person training, saving the company significant resources and manpower, reducing costs, and boosting profit.


The Kalles Group learning assessment revealed that an introductory video about the client’s value proposition would increase learner motivation and use of the app. Additionally, a properly organized and targeted eLearning onboarding program would provide more consistency than in-person training, and could deliver training more thoroughly by supporting independent tool onboarding and providing a source for ongoing customer support.

While the company had SME expertise in product and onboarding of customers, the company had no resources with expertise in video production or production of online training modules. The client requested that Kalles Group expand the project scope to include management of video development and production, as well as the development and production of the new eLearning program. Kalles Group provided research and interviews to procure optimal vendors, managed the development process of all program elements, and finally, provided training on how to deploy the eLearning program to best address customer needs and reduce support issues.


The successful rollout of the eLearning program ensured the client was able to continue to capture and service the influx of customer demand, as well as realize a reduction in employee travel costs and increased focus on customer support. The risk in shifting to an eLearning model set up the company to handle even more growth with ease and they are poised for successful business expansion now and for the foreseeable future.

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