Implementing Sharepoint employee onboarding


Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU) has provided banking services for over fifty years, and today operates with a staff of over 500 people. WSECU relies on SharePoint to manage new hire onboarding, staff transitions, and employee information.

The software had not been fully optimized, however. A combination of simple SharePoint forms, manual email notifications, and spreadsheets were being used to track employee movement. This process was sufficient to a degree, but the lack of systemization and automation was beginning to result in reduced efficiency, miscommunication, and potential security risks. A project effort was needed in order to address recurring challenges.

Kalles Group was tasked with creating a new SharePoint form to streamline and secure management of employee status changes at WSECU.



Kalles Group worked closely with WSECU’s IT and HR departments to identify, organize, and evaluate requirements and preliminary concepts. The existing process did not meet the needs of the organization, and our consultant set out to create a new SharePoint form from the ground up.

Since the final product would be used by every department within the organization, Kalles Group met with work stream leaders from over a dozen teams to collect any additional requirements, understand usage habits, and secure validation for preliminary concepts. Our consultant presented a draft of the form to the client’s senior leadership and secured executive approval before executing on design.


From concept to deployment, Kalles Group led WSECU’s effort to develop a new all-in-one form to document employee updates across the organization. Specifically, this tool improved employee management with a number of key features:

  • InfoPath workflow generates automated notifications and tasks for appropriate teams at the appropriate stage of the hiring process.
  • Enhanced security to ensure proper visibility of employee information based on team and role.
  • Customized viewing options to provide management with easy review of employee status and history.
  • Version history that preserves comments for better collaboration across the organization.
  • Conditional formatting to limit editorial access to employee data.
  • Efficient design that combined numerous fields and functions previously managed by a complex system of manual emails, spreadsheets, and forms.


The new employee form created by Kalles Group automates previously manual communication, enhances security and employee confidentiality, and provides a means for more effective, consistent collaboration. WSECU teams use the form to submit dozens of employee updates every week. This critical operation is now faster, easier, and more efficient than ever, streamlining communication, increasing productivity, and contributing to employee satisfaction throughout the organization.

Kalles Group was tasked with creating a new SharePoint form to streamline and secure management of employee status changes at WSECU.

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