Developing a Zero Trust roadmap


Kalles Group's industry and cybersecurity expertise accelerates development of a Zero Trust architecture and roadmap for a global enterprise.

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The Challenge

A global enterprise asked for Kalles Group’s expertise in developing a Zero Trust architecture and roadmap so they could become a Zero Trust organization. Previous attempts to advance a strategic architecture through approvals had stalled, endangering executive priorities. Kalles Group was brought in to help the company pivot, providing relevant industry resources and expertise for enterprise cybersecurity architecture, risk, and program management in an accelerated timeframe.

Our Approach:

Zero Trust transformations can be a demanding process for any organization, requiring foundational shifts in both security and business culture first and foremost, while integrating complex technical changesThe accelerated time frame (a mere 6 weeks compared to the usual 6 months) made the exhaustive discovery and analysis process challengingOn this timeline, advancing an enterprise architecture of this scalewithout broad stakeholder consensusput an effective outcome at risk. Kalles Group was able to rapidly execute a tailored intake process through a 'greenfield' exercise which included more than 20 company resources. Kalles Group then drove a pragmatic prioritization and scoping with a voice of industry experience.  Despite the complexities, the work was completed on time and on budget. 

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Amazing progress and plan. We are very reassured we have you all thinking about this and helping us mature security.

Client SVP

Our Solution

Because of Kalles Group's advisory contribution to the client, both the Zero Trust architecture and the roadmap were accepted by the company's leadership. This client is now ready to advance their cybersecurity program in alignment with both Zero Trust concepts and NIST Cybersecurity core functions.  Over the next two years of execution, the Zero Trust program will continually reduce risk to the organization, while supporting Tech Foundation Pillars for Cybersecurity, Reliable Infrastructure, Real Time Data & Integration, and Intelligent Ops & Automation. With Kalles Group’s partnership, the client has a clear roadmap to achieving their goal of being a Zero Trust organization.