Developing a goal-setting playbook


Kalles Group steps in to help a global, non-profit organization develop a playbook for Human Resource managers to use for consistent back-end goal setting.



Our client’s Human Resources system was lacking a standardized methodology for managers, resulting in communication problems and loss of productivity within and across Information Technology, Human Resources and Business Process teams. Additionally, knowledge transfer was not occurring during staff transitions, thereby leaving no trace of the methods implemented regarding the application. As a result, our client required functional strategy, goal setting, and documentation for managers using its Human Resources system.


Kalles Group met with all levels of management within our client’s organization to collect and develop a cohesive strategy for managers using the Human Resources system. A framework for the documentation of the new strategy was developed, and a technical writer was deployed for its creation. Thorough and frequent managerial reviews of the document were conducted throughout its development cycle to ensure the ­final product met our client’s strategic objectives. Kalles Group:

  • Identi­fied key features of the application most relevant to managers using the system
  • Documented appropriate processes and procedures, including their variations between individuals and departments, of these key features
  • Outlined requirements for a cohesive functional strategy to be used throughout the company
  • Worked with managers to develop and consolidate disparate strategies within the framework of the outline
  • Created an indexed manual, including glossaries and appendices, containing the newly developed strategies, policies and procedures


Our client now utilizes a single methodology when employing its vital Human Resources system. Because of this uni­fied mode, and the thorough documentation accompanying it, usage of the system is more consistent with fewer obstructions. Companywide communication has improved and expectations are clear. In addition, the strategic contributions of transitioning team members are now being captured and incorporated into the newly created manual, providing even more bene­fit to this already valuable resource.

Because of this unified mode, and the thorough documentation accompanying it, usage of the system is more consistent with fewer obstructions.

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