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Kalles Group’s content management architecture and delivery expertise is used to redesign the main employee portal for a global non-profit organization.



As a result of a new internal communications strategy, our client, a global non-profit organization, elected to redesign its main employee portal. The existing portal was fixed and finite; layout and content was difficult to modify and the portal lacked a mobile component. Furthermore, our client desired messaging that was more globally relevant and transparent to the portal’s users.

Kalles Group was tasked with assisting in the creation of a system that would:

  • Reach a greater number of people
  • Highlight the work of individual employees
  • Present relevant and compelling content for a global audience
  • Be customizable for end-users
  • Deliver greater flexibility for content creators
  • Offer streaming video and a mobile solution


Kalles Group integrated with our client’s employee communications and design teams to provide:

  • Goal setting: Champion solutions focused achieving objectives of the redesign
  • User requirements: Gather and document requirements and metrics for the new portal
  • Content: Create compelling content, and develop standards for the creation of future content

Throughout the course of the employee portal redesign, Kalles Group consultants provided a variety of solutions, which included:

Visioning phase and technical specifications:
  • User experience advocacy: Developed and ledfocus groups to obtain iterative feedback translating into actionable objectives for the design team
  • Design governance: Developed and documented standards and best practices for creating and managing content in the new system
Content creation and management:
  • Content management: Established best practices and initiatives for developing and maintaining internal-facing digital channels, including video content uploading processes, proprietary social media platforms, and intranets.
  • Content creation: Designed, produced and launched weekly newsletters, streaming video, and portal messaging.


Overall, our client has reported positive changes in their company culture as a result of the employee portal redesign. Our client’s new employee portal is more flexible and robust, with compelling and useful content. Employees enjoy a personalized and customizable user interface. Standards and processes are in place for the creation of new content by future development teams.

Our client’s new employee portal is more flexible and robust, with compelling and useful content.

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