Kalles Group Consultants showcasing their expertise in building secure enterprise applications on the Azure platform.

Building secure enterprise applications in Azure


Kalles Group consultants expertly migrated HBI data to the cloud, ensuring secure access for client’s customers.


Our client, a leading technology platform company, strives to empower organizations to unlock greater insights and enable innovative solutions through secure technology. As a leader in the cloud, our client must provide services and software designed and ready to support its customers’ high business impact (HBI) data and content. This data can be described as ‘data which, if it were to be inappropriately disclosed, modified, or destroyed, would result in severe loss impacting business, shareholders, partners, or customers, or dependent or reliant organizations.’ Our client must instil confidence in its customers that their data is safe to move to the cloud and secure once there.

To support this mandate, the team was tasked to ensure the software and services developed can support and protect this sensitive HBI data. A full-scale HBI readiness program was planned, and it was determined that pilot success would include the ability to complete all requirements outlined in pilot and project documentation, as well as passing DRA (detailed risk analysis) and SRA (streamlined risk analysis) processes and penetration tests.

Kalles Group supported migrating several pilot applications into the HBI environment in our client’s public cloud computing platform.


When KG consultants began their engagement, the HBI-ready pilot program was underway. The program included upwards of 16 different pilots to ensure the company’s cloud applications were secure and ready to support HBI customer content. KG consultants were brought on to serve as project managers (PMs), responsible for managing the program’s onboarding, configuration, and operational processes. Therefore, KG consultants began by familiarizing themselves with program documentation, such as pilot onboarding processes, cloud security processes, and compliance requirements, all of which would serve as the standards for each pilot included in the program. KG project management consultants worked directly with and were involved in key meetings with each pilot team. They engaged existing pilot leads and teams, such as security and readiness, to remove roadblocks that could prevent them from completing tasks on the HBI-ready checklist.


The initial direction for the team was to execute pilot process steps and help remove roadblocks for pilot teams as needed. It soon became clear, however, that a more proactive engagement was needed and that the project managers must drive the execution of pilot processes to
ensure on-time completion.

KG consultants developed a walking deck that became a living document for introducing the HBI Readiness program to pilot participants. In addition, amidst the challenges of running several pilots simultaneously, KG consultants ensured the completion of all onboarding, configuration, and operational aspects involved in each migration they were responsible for supporting.


Most of the pilots in the overall program exceeded task completion targets, passed key processes and tests, and ultimately met the requirements for moving data to the HBI environment in the cloud. Because of the pilot program and critical contributions made by KG consultants, our client can better assure its customers that their HBI data and all data are protected from external and internal threats. The ability to securely move HBI data to the cloud is key for our client’s customers, and Kalles Group consultants continue to be front and centre in helping them do just that.

The ability to securely move HBI data to the cloud is key for our client’s customers, and Kalles Group consultants continue to be front and center in helping them do just that.