Building critical billing web application integration


Kalles Group builds new billing gateway to seamlessly integrate legacy billing application with newly launched company website.



The development of our client’s new website created a need to also build a new billing gateway. The client already possessed a reliable, proprietary legacy billing application that was at the core of their back-end operations, but was running without web integration. In addition, several security considerations would need to be addressed as it became necessary to “break” portions of the legacy system to create the new gateway. Kalles Group was tasked with managing the of development a new billing gateway that would bridge the gap between the client’s billing application and its internet-facing customers.


The completion of the gateway would need to coincide with the completion of the new website. The new billing gateway would also need to function smoothly despite the difficulties associated with altering an older application that was designed without considering web integration. Kalles Group provided a program manager to:

  • Oversee the design and implementation of the new gateway
  • Aid in nalizing the functional scope of the tool
  • Integrate with the security team to repair vulnerabilities and mitigate overall risk
  • Track the interconnections across disparate portions of the project
  • Drive risk management process and activities


Kalles Group’s program manager oversaw the development and integration of our client’s new billing gateway from start to finish.

  • Application development: Drove development of the billing gateway
  • Design management: Managed scope and change requests, created project plans, tracked progress across multiple design teams, managed risks and delivered a fully-functional gateway on schedule without a single software bug
  • System integration: Drove resolution of complex system integration issues spanning external vendors and internal systems
  • Security assessment: Eliminated blocking issues and ensured all security requirements and reviews were met

The billing gateway was delivered on time, with flawless operation in production and during launch. The functional success of the new website was heavily dependent on the discrete operation of the new tool, despite the limited time to build.

Overall, the new billing gateway has exceeded our client’s expectations, pleased senior leadership and stakeholders, and immediately allowed for seamless and secure transactions for our client’s customers.

The billing gateway was delivered on time, with flawless operation in production and during launch.

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