Dog in the Car

Bring your dog to work day: 4 (realistic) elements to making a great company culture

Why should an IT department care about company culture?

One reason is so you don’t have all your employees saying to themselves each morning: “Shoot, do I really have to go in to work today?” You want your employees to be excited for work and ready for a challenge. You’d be surprise at how much more productive excited and engaged employees can be.

Culture is what really keeps your employees enthusiastic. It should make them feel valued and appreciated. It adds a special atmosphere and persona to the brand that makes them proud and happy to work for you.

Here are four elements that we think make great company culture:

 1. Core values

A company’s core values are created to establish a foundation for understanding what an organization or group is all about. The values should keep each employee focused and motivated to be the best that they can be. We’ve noticed over the years that employees really do take these values into consideration when making decisions. So it’s important to have ones that fully align with your everyday activities; easy-to-memorize is another great feature. What core values does your company strive to achieve?

2. Teamwork

Teamwork is critical in a work setting because if everyone worked as individuals, nothing would get done. If you had a bunch of individuals with their own agendas working for you, the constant conflicts would slow down your business. We advocate using teamwork to get advice on projects or give help where it’s needed. This way, no one focuses on who gets credit because everything has been accomplished together. Think of your team as a close-knit family ready to accomplish anything.

3. Consistency

Whatever activities or things you do to develop a culture within your organization, be sure they are consistent. Start a weekly in-office happy hour or a bi-monthly team lunch. Encourage your employees through positive and consistent actions to be the best they can be. Creating consistent activities in your company can take years to accomplish, but it is something to work for each and every day.

4. Celebration

How could anyone not include celebrating in their list of elements that make great company culture? It’s a great moment to be recognized by the CEO, but it is just as important to be recognized by your peers. Start using a program that will allow your employees to anonymously send recognition to another employee. Encourage your employees to recognize those that live up to your company’s core values. While recognizing each other in the office creates great morale, it can also be just as important to recognize people for achievements or life events outside of the office, like an engagement, baby shower or a team making it to playoffs. Remember to celebrate each other.

What do you think are the top elements for creating great company culture?