The summer is heating up: Connected devices, corporate internet and VR to the mainstream

As the spring wears into summer, we are taking a pulse on the tech trends unfolding this year.  Last year we saw some pretty amazing breakthroughs in AR, uses in connected devices and more. As this year continues to unfold and we head into summer, we’re predicting more exciting developments and changes to the corporate structure of large businesses and your Internet. Here are the top five things we’re looking at this year:

  1. Apple heads into AR: Let’s face it. Apple really hasn’t done anything incredibly groundbreaking since the first iPad. While they continue to play catch-up to Samsung when it comes to technological advances, Apple needs to push their AR capabilities. TechRadar predicted last November that Apple is making investments in this field and predicts an announcement at one of their annual events.
  2. AR and VR reaches new heights: As I mentioned above, AR is going to make some jumps this year, but so will its close friend VR.  CES 2018 created a lot of waves with some of the fancy devices unveiled. We’ve already seeing new players coming to the scene this year. In addition, Google and Lenovo’s joint VR project, a standalone VR headset without cords to tie you down, is expected to launch anytime.
  3. Amazon out to buy another company: It didn’t take long for Amazon to already make headlines in a big way this year. After buying up Whole Foods Market last year, two days into 2018 and Loup Ventures’ co-founder Gene Munster was already predicting Amazon might be on the market to buy-up another company. Target could be in the sights of Amazon’s next big purchase. While much is up in the air, the fact the tech giant is looking could be enough to spark some interest among retail businesses.
  4. Saying “goodbye” to net neutrality: The FCC made headlines at the end of 2017 with the repeal of Obama-era net neutrality protections. This could be the end of our open Internet as we expect it, but many states are trying to enact their own versions, so some of it will almost certainly be re-instated at a regional level.
  5. Smart homes get smarter: Sales on smart-home devices continued to rise through the end of 2017 and into this year.   Interesting innovations that solve for prowlers stealing boxes off your front porch while you’re away also have generated outcries in security.  August is one of the companies on the front-end of the delivery-driver-home-access solution, leaving your package safely inside. This is just one of the many new smart home devices helping enable our home for a more productive tomorrow.

What tech are you most excited about as the summer heats up?

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