Why Bing should be part of your marketing strategy

Does your company offer a product or service and have a marketing budget? Do you default to Google for all things online, including your advertising? If yes, you may be missing out on a huge market of customers by passing on Bing. According to, ‘Bing powers one third of U.S. desktop searches and 12 billion monthly searches around the globe, plus connects you with 68 million searchers that Google can’t reach.’ Maybe it’s time to take another look at advertising with Bing. Here are a few other reasons.

Siri is powered by Bing. Yep, when you ask your beloved iPhone a question, Siri returns web results generated from Bing. So, if you aren’t advertising on Bing, you are missing a HUGE customer-base. The Bing Network also includes Windows 10, Cortana (that’s Siri for Windows phone users), Office, Amazon device searches, and Spotlight Search on Apple devices.

Customize your reach. Depending on your advertising goals and customer base, you can pick and choose your reach. For example, if you own a restaurant downtown, you probably aren’t targeting folks in Germany. With a few clicks, you can identify what you want your reach to be: by country, by city, or within a specific distance.

Import Google AdWords into Bing Ads. Bing Ads is the advertising platform you use to advertise on Bing. AdWords is the advertising platform for advertising on Google. The cool thing is that you can easily import your Google AdWords campaigns into Bing Ads to get your ads live quickly. Advertising on both platforms may provide all the visibility you need to take your product or service to new heights.

Free to sign-up and no minimum fee. You can join Bing Ads for free and have control over your account every step of the way. Advertisers can change campaign settings and budgets with the click of a button and work with account managers to ensure their campaigns are set up for optimal success. You can start with a budget that works best for your business and strategic goals with no minimum fee.

Only pay for clicks. When you’re advertising online, you’re going for clicks right? You want your ad to be the one your customer clicks that ends with a purchase. The cool thing is that you will only pay per click. This is aptly called pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising. So, when you set your budget, it’s for the number of clicks you’re willing to pay for.

Choose your format. With Bing, you can choose between text ads and product ads, which include a picture along with the text. But let’s be honest, what draws the eye more? Pictures of course! Product ads are truly the way forward and Bing Ads offers several ways to leverage the power of photos in search.

Pretty much all types of businesses can find value and success with Bing Ads. So, whether you’re focused on local calls and foot traffic to your boutique or restaurant, or want to drive traffic to your website from across the country or around the world, Bing Ads has a solution for your company. For more information, check out And no, Microsoft did not pay me to write this review. ????

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