BI on the go with Power BI mobile apps

In an era dominated by data-driven decision-making, Power BI emerges as a formidable ally, ensuring that critical business insights are not confined to desktop screens. With a suite of dedicated mobile apps catering to iOS, Android, and Windows devices, Power BI offers a seamless bridge between the creation of reports in Power BI Desktop and their consumption on both cloud and on-premises platforms.

Unified experience across devices:

No matter the device—iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, or Windows device—Power BI mobile apps provide a consistent and intuitive experience. Reports and dashboards created in Power BI Desktop smoothly transition to the Power BI report service, ensuring accessibility on the cloud and on-premises environments.


Device-specific highlights:


  • Explore specially tailored layouts for Power BI reports.
  • Engage with the Q&A virtual analyst for dynamic interactions on the move.

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  • Retain the formatting from the Power BI service, ensuring consistent visuals.
  • View content from Power BI Report Server, including KPIs and reports.
  • Set data alerts to stay notified of changes beyond specified limits.

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Android Phone:


  • Pocket-sized access with touch-enabled features for on-the-go business insights.
  • Apply location-based filters for a personalized reporting experience.
  • Scan QR codes with your Android phone for swift navigation to Power BI dashboards or reports.

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Android Tablet:


  • Enjoy a consistent experience with the Power BI service, ensuring familiarity.
  • Customize favorite dashboards and reports for quick access.
  • Access content from Power BI Report Server seamlessly.

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Windows Devices:


  • Compatible with any Windows 10 or higher device, offering a versatile experience.
  • Unique features include pinning a Power BI dashboard to the Windows Start screen.
  • Run Power BI in presentation mode on Surface Hub for enhanced collaboration.

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Enterprise support with Microsoft Intune

Organizations seeking to manage devices and applications efficiently can leverage Microsoft Intune. This powerful tool extends control over various security aspects, including access pin requirements, data handling policies, and encryption protocols. Both Android and iOS Power BI mobile apps fall under the purview of centralized management, ensuring a secure and compliant mobile BI experience.


Benefits of Power BI mobile apps

1. Seamless accessibility:

Power BI Mobile Apps break the shackles of the desktop, enabling professionals to access crucial reports and dashboards anytime, anywhere. Whether in transit, at client meetings, or working remotely, real-time insights are just a tap away.


2. Informed decision-making:

Business professionals can make informed decisions on the go with Power BI Mobile Apps. The ability to view and interact with up-to-date reports ensures that decision-makers are never out of the loop, leading to more agile and responsive strategies.


3. Personalized experiences across devices:

With dedicated apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices, Power BI caters to a diverse range of users. The consistent yet device-specific interfaces provide a personalized experience, ensuring that professionals can leverage their preferred devices seamlessly.


4. Dynamic interaction with data:

Interactivity is at the core of Power BI Mobile Apps. Professionals can ask questions using the Q&A virtual analyst, filter reports based on their geographic location, and even scan QR codes for swift navigation. This dynamic interaction fosters a deeper understanding of data, empowering users to extract actionable insights.


5. Enhanced collaboration:

Collaboration knows no bounds with Power BI Mobile Apps. Professionals can share reports and dashboards effortlessly, facilitating collaboration across teams, departments, and even geographical locations. This fosters a collaborative environment where insights are shared, and decisions are made collectively.


6. On-the-spot decision alerts:

Setting data alerts within the Power BI Mobile App ensures that professionals are instantly notified when there are significant changes in their dashboards. This proactive approach keeps decision-makers ahead of the curve, allowing them to respond promptly to evolving business scenarios.


7. Secure and centralized management:

For enterprises, the integration of Microsoft Intune provides centralized control over device and application management. This includes features such as access pin requirements, data handling policies, and encryption protocols. Such robust security measures ensure that sensitive business intelligence remains protected.


8. Versatility across devices:

From iPhones to iPads, Android phones to tablets, and Windows devices, Power BI Mobile Apps offer versatility. Professionals can seamlessly transition from one device to another without compromising the integrity of their reports and dashboards, providing unparalleled flexibility in a dynamic work environment.


9. Time efficiency:

Power BI Mobile Apps save valuable time by eliminating the need to wait for a return to the office or desk to access critical information. This time efficiency is especially crucial in fast-paced industries where swift decision-making is a competitive advantage.


10. Presentation capabilities:

For professionals using Windows devices, the Power BI Mobile App provides special functionality, including the ability to pin dashboards to the Windows Start screen and run Power BI in presentation mode on Surface Hub. This enhances the capacity to present insights in meetings and collaborative sessions.



As organizations navigate the complexities of data-driven decision-making, Power BI’s mobile apps stand as indispensable tools, providing a harmonious blend of accessibility, functionality, and security. Whether in the palm of your hand or on the screen of your tablet, Power BI ensures that business insights are not confined to the office desk, empowering professionals to make informed decisions wherever they go.

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