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BI on the go with the new BI office

According to IBM, companies have captured more data in the last two years than in the previous 2000 years. This data comes from sensors, social media posts, digital pictures and videos, and purchase transactions. Being able to access this data while on the go is becoming increasingly important in the workplace.

Luckily, Pyramid Analytics, a leader in the next generation business intelligence platform for the enterprise, announced today the release of BI Office 5.4. This latest release brings enhanced capabilities to Mobile BI, data modeling, and data discovery, as well as multiple advancements across the platform.

Mobility is key

Are your employees executives who travel frequently to give presentations on the road? Does your organization employ a large mobile workforce who produce most of your business remotely? How much interactivity do you require? Do you need to manage many licenses with high-level security for larger deployments?

Whether your needs are for a few or many, Pyramid Analytics’ BI Office platform provides an easy-to-use interactive experience, allowing users to not only consume information, but to analyze it on the fly. The touch-optimized user interface supports point, click, and swipe actions, making it easy to drill, slice, pivot, map, and apply calculations on any mobile device.

It’s manageable for IT

IT administrators expect to be able to easily provision mobile licenses to users by application, by device, or by device type. They want the ability to grant permissions to specific reports or dashboards, several folders, or everything to a mobile device, depending on the need. With BI Office, security and permission levels persist all the way through to the data sources, and for increased security, data is never be saved on the mobile device.

It works on all devices

Especially in this era of BYOD, BI information needs to be accessible from multiple mobile devices. BI Office provides mobile access using native applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. In addition, BI Office can be accessed through HTML5 browsers, making it available via even more platforms and applications. Since the experience is unified, you will see the same user interface across all mobile applications.

It’s easy to create content for your mobile BI

Having an interface that’s easy to use amongst your workforce is vital. Your employees need to easily create and deploy reports and dashboards without having to rely on your IT department.

It scales well and integrates easily

Mobility is a large part of Pyramid Analytics’ core strategy of Governed Data Discovery, and mobile services are therefore integrated as a fundamental part of the product. This means that BI Office’s mobile applications are easily scalable to support thousands of users within your architecture, and there is no additional hardware or software needed to run mobile. It integrates with your organization’s active directory natively, leveraging your existing investment.

BI Office’s integrated architecture means you only need to build a report or dashboard once and it is immediately available to be consumed from your desktop’s browser and/or your mobile devices. The same user interface is used to build the reports, and they are managed from within the same environment.

“Mobile BI is rapidly becoming a higher priority, as users, all the way up to management and executive levels, expect rich interaction to monitor KPIs and to be both effective and decisive without being tied to their desks,” said Ofer Avnery, VP of Product Marketing for Pyramid Analytics. “BI Office already supports secure and enterprise-class BI mobility. With 5.4, people will find it easier to perform contextual actions like selecting, sorting, filtering, pivoting, drilling down, and slicing data, while still displaying even large amounts of data.”

BI Office ensures that both your IT administrators and your core users get what they need to be productive and successful while mobile.

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