Being thankful is good for you and your company

This holiday season, think back on your last year and take a moment to recollect on everything that brought you to this point. Maybe it was a successful year at your company or you were given some extra PTO to use up with friends and family, we should find some joy in our jobs. Otherwise, it’s time for a different conversation with your boss.

Happy employees not only make for a better work environment, but they also lead to profits. In a 2014 study by Forbes, the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work from the same year averaged a 22.2 percent increase in revenue and even hired new employees at a rate five times higher than the national average.

Increased profit and productivity as a result of happiness isn’t news to most employers though, according to SalesSmith, the Gratitude Specialists. In essence, the blog’s 8-step recipe for employee happiness can be boiled down to be trustworthy, exercise good communication, be transparent, be available, show respect and be grateful. Easy, right?

Don’t over think this matter. Sometimes people will keep journals with them to keep track of their daily items to be thankful for. However, some folks, myself included, would much rather go with giving other people the gratitude they deserve. In a Fast Company article, writer Allison Jones decided doing good deeds for her colleagues brought her, and the people around her, more joy. While the journal works for some, Jones said she preferred to write goals and ideas.

Around this time of year, I like to think of the moments I shared with loved ones. This year, I will additionally be thinking of what a diverse year this one has been for me professionally. From Xbox PR to content management at Expedia and back with Microsoft doing copy writing, it’s been a busy 12 months. Likely enough, the big reason I am loving this new gig is the appreciation and gratitude I am receiving from peers. I feel more confident, appreciated, and strong with this team and with the work I am presenting.

So, when Thanksgiving rolls around and you’re sitting at the table with family and friends, be prepared to answer this question: What are you thankful for in your professional life this year? Don’t worry. You still have time to prep.

Cheers, folks. Happy holidays.


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