A moment to pause: A personal encouragement from our CEO

You have undoubtably been consuming many messages over the last few weeks with tips on managing through COVID. This is not one of those messages, rather it’s an encouragement to take a moment to pause.


My son mentioned how fun it is with me being home (note:  he is 7 and I’m still his hero, for now). He followed this statement by asking, “How are you helping with the virus ‘stuff?’”


I realized in that moment that I needed to pause.


This situation- dealing with the pandemic- is going to be a marathon. When the curve flattens and the fear leaves “the street,” this will impact our lives professionally and personally forever. When you are thrust into a situation where your work life, personal life, and home life are upended it forces you to take an inventory of what is important.


Kalles Group is very important to me- really, though, it is the people that we have impacted who are so important. That is why I just plainly want to say, thank you. You are receiving this message because you have interacted in some way with our company over the last ten years. Our company is not here without our community


I also want to reframe how Kalles Group can help.


How are we applying our company vision- “Guide technology and organizational change while bringing security to all,”–  to these dire circumstances? How can we best support while also sustaining ourselves through this crisis? Candidly we are still working through our answers to these questions. But we have started taking action to support small companies with their new virtual requirements and helping people stay secure at their new offices – their homes.


I encourage each of us to pause, take inventory of what is important, and think about how your capabilities and expertise can help the community.


I asked my LinkedIn network how the community needs help, and several great ideas were shared (see below). I also think emailing your favorite local business and asking, “How can I help?” will go a long way to encourage others and find the unknown needs out there. Here are some other community areas that desperately need help:


Helping the homeless – Union Gospel Mission:


Giving blood – Red Cross:


Helping kids in foster care – Treehouse:


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