7 sizzling summer happenings

If you’ve been sitting at a desk in an air-conditioned office surrounded by monitors and poring over data and code, then you probably haven’t experienced the scorching heat that is this summer. But, if you’re a techie looking for some fun in the sun, the summer is a great time to check-out some spectacular conferences and shows that’ll have you and your boss impressed.

Here’s our roundup of this summer’s hottest events:

July 20-24

O’Reilly OSCON (Portland, OR) – Into open-source? Look no further than this staple conference. Bringing together developers, innovators, business folks and investors under one space to participate in exciting and challenging tutorials, hear from inspirational speakers, and find hot new products.

August 1-6

Black Hat USA (Las Vegas, NV) – Head to Sin City and get ready for this devilish security conference. Kick things off with some intensive security training sessions meant for IT of all levels. The final two days are spent at a variety of keynotes and award ceremonies.

August 17-18

GrowthBeat (San Francisco, CA) – Put on by the minds at VentureBeat, this is the ideal meeting for anyone looking to grow their tech business. Piggybacking off of last June’s summit, where 180 of the world’s top CMOs discussed issues facing business growth, this conference’s conversation is all about discovering insightful best practices and learning successful growth strategies.

September 23-25

SpiceWorld Austin (Austin, TX) – No nonsense and straight to the topics IT pros, tech vendors and industry experts want to hear. This is the slogan and the reputation this jam-packed, two-day extravaganza is known for, with events like tech and marketing sessions, expert speaker sessions and, can’t forget, parties.

September 19-23

TechCrunch Hackathon/Disrupt (San Francisco, CA) – Begin the weekend with the exciting Hackathon, where teams of developers and hackers join forces to craft a product and pitch it 24 hours later. Then, spend the next days learning from entrepreneurs and leading venture capitalists. Things finally wrap-up with the exciting Startup Battlefield, where finalists go head-to-head with their ideas to become the winner.

October 6-8

ITExpo (Anaheim, CA) – Summer may be closing, but things don’t cool down. Discover the one-stop shop for IT professionals looking to get a solid experience at a conference this post-summer season. Engage in specialized training sessions and learn from insightful keynote speakers.

October 14-16

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (Houston, TX) – Celebrate the women behind technology. Guests can network and learn from some industry experts, academic minds and government professionals while engaging in exciting activities.

Personally, I’m very interested to hear the insights pulled from GrowthBeat. Plus, I am already an avid reader of VentureBeat for news and opinions.

Where are you going to take your business trip with a little pleasure?


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