2022 Year in review

We asked Kalles Group team members to share some of their memorable moments from 2022.

Here are some highlights from our wide-ranging interests and hobbies, both from the world at large, as well as our personal lives.


  • Barry O’Brien, Practice Manager – Cyber Programs:

    After years of planning and coordination, the NASA DART reached its destination on September 26, 2022. In 10 months, it had traveled 7 million miles to nudge a moonlet; more significantly, in 1 second, it had brought all of humanity one step closer to avoiding an asteroid-induced apocalypse.

    When not securing the future for all, Barry spends his time remote camping and sea kayaking.


  • Bryon Scharenberg, Director:

    A Canadian, Finn Iles, won the Mont-Sainte-Anne downhill mountain bike World Cup on home soil- it was a thriller!

    When not securing the future for all, Bryon spends his time riding (and crashing) his mountain bike with his dog.


  • Derek Kalles, CEO:

    I took my entire family to Disneyland for the first time; a long overdue catch-up from all the missed travel and adventure from the past two years.

    When not securing the future for all, Derek spends his time reading. Two books finished this year that stuck out to him: The Boys in the Boat and Hit Refresh.



  • Heather Warnat, Senior Consultant – Cyber Programs:

    I created my first cake for a wedding, and officiated the wedding!

    When not securing the future for all, Heather spends her time as a perpetual learner.


  • Jayanth Kumar, Security Analyst:

    This was my first year following UW football. The community aspect of the sport is most appealing: being accepted into the fold by seasoned fans to celebrate and enjoy game-days helped connect me to the community in which UW is based.

    When not securing the future for all, Jayanth spends his time enjoying more college football.


  • Jeanette Rogers, Director of Learning:

    I spent two weeks really –experiencing- Venice, Italy.

    When not securing the future for all, Jeanette spends her time either knitting or seeking her next adventure.


  • John Stephenson, Director:

    Myself and two other dads, all with very limited skills/credentials, successfully coached a little league team of 7-8yr olds

    When not securing the future for all, John spends his time enjoying baseball and beer.


  • Joyce DelaCruz, Senior Consultant:

    I travelled to Ireland and went to a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater with my family for the very first time.

    When not securing the future for all, Joyce spends time exploring new hikes and enjoying live music with friends and family.


  • Katie Schneider, Consultant:

    Scientists were able to capture a photo of a black hole!

    When not securing the future for all, Katie spends her time interested in space exploration.


  • Kelly Berres, Account Executive:

    I visited the Keukenhof botanical gardens in the Netherlands (the first Spring it has re-opened, post-pandemic).

    When not securing the future for all, Kelly spends her time gardening and learning about new plants/flowers.


  • Kristen Kibbee, Recruiter and Talent Manager:
    My husband and I helped our daughter and son-in-law move from VT to WA last winter by driving a 35′ moving van cross-country. The van broke down on the side of the highway in Dickinson, ND at 8pm, with a temperature of -20 °F.

    When not securing the future for all, Kristen spends her time shopping for warmer coats and avoiding moving vans.


  • Michael Epstein, Client Service Director:

    My most memorable moment this year is when I had a chance to see one of our clients compete in rally-cross and podium!

    When not securing the future for all, Michael spends his time rally racing.


  • Neel Blair, Principal Consultant:

    How about that amazing World Cup final!?

    When not securing the future for all, Neel spends his time enjoying soccer.


  • Sherri Marlow, Consultant:

    My family and I spent Labor Day weekend camping outside a small town in the central Willamette Valley

    When not securing the future for all, Sherri spends her time making and donating stocking caps for charity and camping with family.

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