10 features you aren’t using in

In this article, you will discover whether the versatile platform is suitable for your small business. initially emerged as a work collaboration tool in 2014 but has since evolved into a comprehensive solution for numerous workflows, encompassing customer relationship management (CRM), project management, software development, human resources, marketing, and more. This cloud-based platform empowers businesses to streamline their operations effectively by creating customized work management tools and applications. Dive into this article to assess its relevance to your specific needs.

Custom workflow automation

With, you can create custom automation to streamline your workflows. It takes care of repetitive tasks, triggers actions based on specific events, and integrates seamlessly with other tools. By automating your manual workflow, you can transform paper-heavy, people-based processes into slick digital ones that propel your business forward. You can find more information about it here.

Timeline view

If you want a sleek new way to stay on top of your time-sensitive tasks, check out the Timeline View. It works together with the Timeline Column and Widget to visually represent the timelines and deadlines of all your ongoing projects. It helps you plan and track project milestones, dependencies, and deadlines in a Gantt chart-like format. Get a quick overview of your task deadlines and plan accordingly. You can learn more about it here.

Formula columns’s Formula columns allow you to perform calculations based on other column values. You can create custom formulas to automate data calculations, generate metrics, or create dynamic fields. It’s really handy for automating complex calculations and saving time. When you add the Formula Column, the formula builder automatically opens up. You can build your formula using the available functions or traditional math symbols.


Managing task dependencies is crucial for ensuring that tasks are completed in the correct order. supports task dependencies, so you can define relationships between tasks and track their progress accordingly. It helps keep everything organized and ensures smooth project execution.

Time tracking

If you need to track the time spent on tasks or projects, has got you covered. It offers built-in time-tracking capabilities, allowing you to keep tabs on time directly within the platform. You can also integrate with third-party time tracking tools for seamless time management.

Dashboard widgets

Stay updated on key project metrics, progress, and status with’s customizable dashboard widgets. These widgets provide a clear overview of your project’s progress through progress charts, pie charts, task distribution charts, and more. Visualizing data in this way helps you make informed decisions and monitor project performance.

Integrations integrates smoothly with various popular tools and services such as Slack, Jira, Trello, and Google Drive. Integrating with other tools can enhance collaboration and automate data synchronization, making your workflow even more efficient. Watch this video to learn more.

Forms’s form feature allows you to create custom forms for collecting data from external users or team members. Forms are great for gathering information, creating requests, or receiving feedback without granting full access to the platform. It’s a convenient way to streamline data collection and improve communication.

Time-based automation

Apart from standard workflow automation, also offers time-based automation. You can set up automated actions based on specific dates or time intervals to send reminders, trigger notifications, or perform other tasks. It helps you stay on top of deadlines and ensures timely follow-up.

Guest access

With, you can easily invite external stakeholders or clients as guests. They can access and collaborate on specific projects or boards without needing a full user license. This simplifies involving external parties in your workflows and maintaining effective collaboration.


At Kalles Group, we’ve been using, which has really boosted our productivity. So, if you’re looking to boost your team’s productivity, we highly recommend trying out these 10 features on They can potentially transform how you work and drive your business forward. Give it a go and see the positive results for yourself. You can also read our article, “Four hacks to boost your workplace productivity.

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