Revitalizing an Enterprise Technical Training Program

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The Learning and Development (L&D) team at our client’s non-profit organization offers a variety of general and role-based training courses and resources to its global staff. While the company boasted a highly intelligent workforce, they did not all possess the technical skills needed to leverage the various productivity tools available within the organization. Furthermore, current technical course offerings were lengthy and difficult to attend, thereby reducing course attendance, and as a result, employee productivity.

Therefore, the L&D team was tasked with transforming the existing technical training program into a more innovative and economical solution that would deliver effective and efficient training on the key productivity tools currently used at the organization. The end result of the new program should both boost the existing technical abilities of its overly busy global staff as well as promote and encourage continuous learning throughout the organization.


Kalles Group (KG) was brought in to partner with the L&D team to help revitalize and revamp the current technical training program and offerings. The team began by establishing partnerships with groups across the organization such as key leadership, change managers, program assistants, and various subject matter experts to identify current training offerings as well as uncover gaps. In addition, key IT employees were engaged to discuss approaching technical changes and how employees would be impacted.

Using results from their analysis, the L&D team isolated and prioritized the core technical and productivity skills all employees would need a working knowledge of, and began to identify ways to optimize and promote training offerings for the broadest reach.

The L&D team was tasked with transforming the existing technical training program into a more innovative and economical solution.


A new Tech Skills technical training program consisting of eight core courses (including Skype for Business, File Storage, and Mobile Phones) was developed. The team modularized existing course content thereby replacing three-to-four hour classes that cover a group of tools with 60-90 minute classes, each focusing on a specific tool or topic. This would allow students to selectively choose the topics of most interest and spread their learning out over time.

Many of these sessions are offered as 60-minute “Lunch & Learns” to reach people when they might be more available. In addition, there is a visual schedule that is readily available for a quick reference of upcoming courses. Each course is led by a KG team member (either in a classroom for local staff or virtual for regional offices), and includes hands-on practice to maximize skills retention.

To further increase participation in the program, a Tech Skills Champion certificate was implemented. Students have the opportunity to earn a ‘badge’ upon completion of each course which is placed on a certificate they receive during the first session. Once a student has completed all eight courses in the program, they receive a Tech Skills Champion distinction which is placed in their file and acknowledged during the yearly review period.


The new Tech Skills program continues to produce positive trends at our client’s organization. As employees share the value of the training they have received, training attendance has increased by more than 50% and fewer courses have been cancelled due to low attendance.

Employees have begun to incorporate the technical training program into their yearly goals and objectives. Teams in parts of the organization are even competing against each other to see which group can produce the most Tech Skills Champions in a calendar year.

Direct quotes from students to the KG trainer include:

“You seriously have opened my eyes to tech training
here – so thank you again. I signed up for all of the

“I can’t say enough how thankful we are for your
excellent work. Your efforts make our projects, our teams
and the experience of our customers better. It’s exciting
to think about all potential improvements you’ll drive in

“With just a few tips and tricks, you have dramatically
helped me improve my efficiency and productivity.”

With the help of Kalles Group, our client’s Learning & Development team continues to innovate and provide training solutions that tap into the direct needs of its employees.