Kalles Group is your strategic partner

Our project management, engineering, security, and technology solutions can be tailored to your needs, providing you a right-sized level of service.

Our Promise

Kalles Group will provide you the targeted results you seek, without bolting on services you don't need.

What we offer

You have a goal in mind and need a partner to help you execute. We tailor a project to your needs, bringing an experienced team to deliver defined outcomes.

You need a reliable partner to run aspects of your business. We operate and mature business capabilities against a defined set of SLAs.

You need help seeing around corners. Our specialists connect with your leaders to assist with strategic vision and execution.

You have vision but lack the resources to execute. Our à la carte services bring the right capabilities to your existing programs, on demand.

Why call Kalles Group?

Kalles Group is a technology consulting firm that solves complex problems for a broad range of customers.

  • (Project) You need a firm to “get-stuff-done” for a program or project. Whether you need scope, strategy, support, or rescue; we can help.
  • (Learning) You want to secure the success of the technology and processes you have across your organization and need to enable people to utilize them.
  • (Lifecycle maturity) You need a partner that can meet you where you are and holistically address people, process, and technology opportunities.
  • (Security) You need a firm to build, respond, run, or educate your organization around cybersecurity.
  • (Change) You are leading an organizational change and need a partner that can navigate the people, process, and technology implications.
  • (Unsure) You need a partner that can help you navigate the multitude of  issues in front of you- someone that is willing to help, even if we are not the right firm to deliver the work.

What we do

We serve growth customers, through Fortune 500

Customer Stories

International PMO framework gets project back on track

Snapshot: A large-scale global retailer had employed a large consulting agency to manage a multi-million-dollar ERP implementation initiative spanning two continents. The requirements phase was underway. But corporate and international IT teams had traditionally operated with significant autonomy, and corporate IT leadership was already seeing that the pilot in-country team was steamrolling the consulting team stationed there. The client engaged Kalles Group to supplement corporate project management and bring the teams in line.


Snapshot: The payments technology group at our Fortune 500 fashion retail client manages technology that facilitates customer payments for orders placed online. The team was facing a hard deadline to migrate credit card payments to their third-party processor’s new technical communication standard. The company also wanted to take this opportunity to upgrade the entire payments platform.

Kalles Group was our client’s first choice for a partner to help them tackle this challenge.


Project and engineering expertise guides retailer to rearchitect payment systems using cloud technology

Virtual learning program nearly doubles participation year-over-year and helps create a learning culture

Snapshot: The IT team for a major philanthropic organization faced weak participation in onsite technical training classes during the summer. In the month of August, for example, many of the staff were out for vacation or traveling to visit global, regional offices. We suggested our client take this perennial slow down as a challenge to create a training track that suits the lifestyle of a mobile learner who may not be available for traditional instructor led classes.


Our Values

Guide our behavior


We aim to always do the right thing. If there is an issue, we address it directly and prescriptively


We take accountability making commitments that bring alignment to intent and outcome


We serve our people, customer, and communities to develop positive long-term impacts

Our Principles

Influence our actions


We connect our world-class expertise, capabilities, and people to deliver the highest-quality outcomes for our clients. We lead with clear priorities, smart strategy, and data-driven decisions, focusing on long-term client relationships built on trust, collaboration, and results.


We are natural innovators and life-long learners who seek to continually improve our solutions, company, and those around us. We pride ourselves on being positive, can-do, and outcome-oriented, always striving to find the best solution, take intelligent risks, and fall forward.


We have an entrepreneurial mindset and seek to positively impact all our spheres of influence — at our company, in our community, and beyond. We have a fun, engaging, team-oriented culture and support people in their long-term career growth.


We balance current execution with future planning. We meet companies where they are while also planning for future growth in maturity, capability, and scale. We prioritize listening first, advising wisely, and providing first-class customer service and satisfaction.


5 signs your project may be in trouble

You’ve got a project underway, but something just seems…off. You’ve got all the elements – project plan, roadmap, resources – but it’s not progressing the way you thought it would, and you can’t really say if it’ll be delivered as planned. You think you need help, but you’re not certain where to begin or if there’s even an issue.



Security in your home might be a daily activity for you – keeping the kids, the dog, and the secret stash of chips safe. But what about your digital security (or cybersecurity), including precious details about you and your family?


3 actions you can take for cybersecurity in your home life