Moving to Microsoft Teams

Learn what resources are available to upgrade your business to Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams replacing Skype for Business

Microsoft will discontinue support of Skype for Business beginning summer of 2021. If you are migrating from Skype to Microsoft Teams, we can help your business in making a successful transition.

For users desiring to migrate to the Teams platform, Microsoft has provided documentation to FAQ for making this transition, but navigating an upgrade can be complicated.

Because Teams has a clean and simple user interface, it can leave many IT teams thinking they can just roll it out, turn it on, and let staff find their way.

The lesson we have learned from working with frustrated clients is that staff will find their way- as they do, they can unknowingly create a snowball of IT infrastructure problems.

What to consider when moving to Microsoft Teams

How we can help your migration to Microsoft Teams

We will work with your team to create a smooth rollout path and sustainable process upfront.

We can provide planning, implementation, and training for a successful Teams migration, including guidance for

  • Creating public and private files
  • Sharing files internally and externally
  • Naming conventions
  • File structure and org design

Our Learning team will work with you to identify the right solutions for your staff to best experience the power of Microsoft Teams. We can help equip you in the following workstreams

  • Introduction to Teams
  • Guide to chats and conversations
  • File collaboration
  • Channel hierarchy
  • Storing files and sensitive data
  • Sharing permissions
  • Real-time file collaboration and editing

What you will get during your migration to Microsft Team

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Avoid these common misconceptions while upgrading to Teams

Microsoft MVP Jasper Oosterveld said of Teams' users,

They see how easy it is to use and they think: “Oh, we can just roll it out. I can just turn it on, make sure everybody has the application, and then everything will sort itself out.” That’s not going to happen. What you’ll probably see if you do that? It’ll become a mess very quickly.

The lesson we’ve seen from working with clients is that you’ll create a smoother path for yourself by planning some aspects of governance upfront. Read this article for a rundown of common issues we’ve helped clients identify, and some practices for solving them.