Kalles/Group Services

Our Offering


Our Promise

We provide learning solutions that engage employees in performance improvement behaviors that drive business success.


We go beyond the standard "click and drool" video tutorial to design innovative solutions that address skill gaps, engage learners, and affect lasting behavior change.

A learning assessment will assess your existing capabilities, define your learning needs, and identify current gaps. From there, we build out personas, design the best learning approach, and recommend optimum delivery mechanisms for your team.

We develop customized learning solutions to ensure that content is enjoyable, effective, and educational.

We work with subject matter experts to create quality content, design engaging activities, even code online learning games specifically designed for your employees based on their personas.

We help you find the best solution to manage and deploy your content to users: whether a content management system (CMS) or learning management system (LMS).

By choosing the right solution you can ensure the right people access the right content and that learning is tracked for compliance as appropriate.

We deliver your learning experience in the best way for your organization. From facilitating classes to deploying your new CMS, we equip your team to move forward with confidence.

We also provide post-learning reporting and analytics so that you can measure the effectiveness of your learning tools.

Security requires both technology and people. And people require training on the specifics of technology to keep your company secure.

Customized training can improve upon out-of-the-box trainings, because we will tailor to your individual policies and procedures, increasing clarity and decreasing risk of using a new system.