Effective Training Programs Start With a Technical Learning Assessment

Success begins with alignment across your organization

Providing effective learning materials for your team helps achieve alignment, ensuring that your team can move forward together in the midst of change. Our Technical Learning Assessments help leaders identify and create plans to teach their teams.

Need help aligning, teaching, or training your team?

What is a Technical Learning Assessment?

We help leaders to teach their teams by identifing and creating plans that align people and policies.

First we define learning needs, identify existing capabilities and gaps, build team personas, and design the best learning approach and delivery mechanisms so that leaders will be fully equipped to build, align, and grow their team.

30% Increase in engagement

A customized approach helped one leader see a 30% increase in engagement of their new digital distance program, compared to their in-person program.

That is because our team starts with identifying the right materials and methods to train your specific team.

Our team uses a combination of interviews, workshops, working sessions, and research to provide a comprehensive learning assessment for your team.

  • Timeline: The process takes 2-4 weeks, depending upon organization size and scope.
  • For the best results, our team needs access to existing resources and internal subject matter experts.
  • Your executive sponsors should be involved in this process to ensure overall accuracy and buy-in.

The Process

The Deliverables

Learning Assessment provides a 5-7 page report that includes:

  • A Gap analysis to uncover your actual needs.
  • Learning personas that reflect your team.
  • A learning experience strategy, recommending the best tools, and training for your team.
  • A Change Management Plan, to help your team navigate the process of change implementation.

Our team, approach, and integration allow us to implement and develop secure systems that include training because we believe the future is secured when people can use, maintain, and improve their technology.

  • Team: Our team is technology agnostic. So unlike cookie-cutter solutions, our experts focus on the root cause to deploy holistic secure systems.
  • Approach: Our approach guides projects and companies through tailored change, practical service, and pragmatic execution with a focus on outcomes.
  • Integrated: We fully integrate with your team through our flexible engagements that include, project-based services, managed services (SLA), advisory services, and a- la-carte services.

Why Kalles Group

Case Study

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Project summary:

The results, onboarding training was moved to virtual app-based which saved manpower and reduced travel costs.


Faced rapid growth, the company had a growing backlog of customers that needed to be onboarded. But the process was time consuming, because employees were required to train customers in person how to use the company’s programs. As growth continued, the company risked delaying or losing business if they could not keep pace with the increasing onboarding schedule.


The Kalles Group learning assessment revealed multiple findings, such as an introductory video about the client’s value proposition that would increase learner motivation and use of the app. Upon review of the recommendations, the client requested that Kalles Group expand the project scope to manage video development and production of the new eLearning program.

Kalles Group successfully managed the development process of all program elements and provided training on how to deploy eLearning to best address customer needs and reduce support issues.

Overview of Learning Department

Whether it is associated with project roll-outs or supporting ongoing operations, we provide learning solutions that engage employees in performance improvement behaviors that drive business success.