Identify the greatest cybersecurity risks to your organization

Each assessment provides a report with prioritized recommendations for risk remediation, so your team can move forward securely. Let us know the kinds of problems or opportunities you are facing.

Knowing the Risks Will Help you Manage the Threats

A Cyber Risk Assessment helps maturing companies identify their greatest risks by quantifying the likelihood and impact of a problem. Once risks are understood, clear priorities for risk remediation are developed.

After performing a Risk Assessment, our team provides a detailed report with prioritized risks so that you can decide how to move forward.

Create a Secure Tomorrow

The Cyber Risk Assessment Report includes an actionable roadmap your team can impliment.

We're also ready to support the project 

From providing experts who can build and implement solutions, to project management to help guide your cybersecurity projects, to providing learning services to help train your team as you adopt new practices and technology, Kalles Group is ready to help your team create a secure future.

Why Work with Kalles Group?

Customer Story

Identifying the Underlying Cause of Risk

Challenge: When a new CTO joined a rural utility in eastern Washington, one of the executive’s first priorities was to gain a realistic understanding of threats to the organization’s mission – to provide uninterrupted power and fiber connectivity to the county. Electricity and connectivity are essential for the daily existence of this community, making speed and accuracy of the assessment crucial. For a partner with the expertise to quickly deliver a comprehensive IT security assessment, the client chose Kalles Group.

Solution: With a thorough risk assessment and recommendations, the CTO had a clear perspective of the threats that IT posed to the organization’s mission. The risk assessment structure enabled the CTO to confidently understand the underlying causes of risk, how the organization was addressing risks, and which risks were the most critical.

Prioritized remediation aligned with enterprise strategy would avoid the rushed chaos of patching security holes as they were discovered. With the perspective provided by the assessment, the CTO was able to move ahead, confidently communicating and solving challenges.