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Cyber risk

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We help our partners with complex security and technology problems in a human way.


Understanding IT risk is vital. Our team performs risk and security assessments that provide confidence in decision-making by identifying the most important issues and helping to prioritize remediation actions.

Legal and regulatory requirements can be complicated. That is why we provide compliance assessments and gap analysis services to help you create and maintain a plan for compliance.

Understanding the impact of cybersecurity and IT events on your business is critical to making decisions about how much time and money to devote to protection. We develop a program right-sized to your organizational needs, and provide you with the tools to confidently make business and security decisions in the future.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), now popularly known as Integrated Risk Management (IRM), is designed to enable rapid business decisions, manage risk, address uncertainty, and effectuate smoother compliance with laws and regulations.

At its best, it is integrated and active at every level of the organization, from the board of directors to the first line of individual contributors.

Is this complex? Yes, and Kalles Group can help your organization set goals, align functions, and support them with strong communication, effective technology, and development of the desired culture.

The benefits are clear, working from home does increase productivity. But it also increases risk of breach and data loss. That's why we provide WFH plans and policies for companies, to help protect their people and data while they work remote. By assessing their technology and educating their people.