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We are grateful to our Sandpoint community

Thank you for all you do to make a brighter future for the next generation

As teachers and school workers, you shoulder an additional burden each day to invest in our children.

As parents and caregivers, you juggle your family responsibilities in tandem with ever-adjusting work priorities.

It has not been an easy year, but we celebrate you and thank you!

How can Kalles Group help secure your future?

Each of us and our companies have been forced to change and adapt quickly this year.

We believe security is for all, that is why we are offering free discovery calls to help companies secure their future and get back to business.

Whether your business has been up-ended as a result of 2020 events, impacted by a sudden burst in demand, or you just need help reaching your team's next project milestone, we can help.

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Derek Kalles
Founder and CEO


John Stephenson
Director of Client Service


Bryon Scharenberg
Marketing / Recruiting Lead

Open Office Hours


A personalized video or phone call, where you can bring your team and your questions around general business, technology, security, change management, training, work-from-home or whatever variation of challenge you are facing.

Derek Kalles, John Stephenson, Bryon Scharenberg, and other members of our leadership team will be available to answer your questions and follow up. Even if your business scenario is out of our realm of expertise, we'll commit to helping you find the right solution.

No question is too hard or out-of-bounds. As a member of your community we are happy to talk with you about the change you have experienced, to see if we can help or direct you to solutions.

Bring your questions

Our areas of expertise

  • Security & Risk Program Development
  • Next-gen Security Organization
  • Incident Response
  • Vulnerability Management Training
  • Penetration Testing
  • Process Engineering
  • Project & Program Management

Kalles Group helps companies with complex problems, who are dissatisfied with tool and template-based approaches.

Our team is technology agnostic. So unlike cookie cutter solutions, our experts focus on the root cause to deploy holistic secure systems.

We also offer customized training with the solutions we implement and develop. Because we believe the future is secured when people can use, maintain, and improve technology.

Why trust Kalles Group?

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