Project Leadership

At Kalles Group, our project leadership and execution approach ensures our services can be delivered with a high degree of quality and efficiency, without sacrificing relationship or integrity.

Strategy & Roadmap Development

Creating a solution is just part of the picture. Aligning organizational acceptance is equally important. We listen to your needs, uncover the right solutions, and create a strategic roadmap to implement solutions.

Whether we start a project from inception or come in to provide support for existing systems or change efforts, we’re committed to program and project leadership, ensuring your project runs smoothly throughout its entire lifecycle.

Program & Project Leadership

Business & Technical Analysis

Through analytics, we work with your team to identify areas where improvements can be made, ensuring your people can use, maintain, and improve your technology solution.

Case Studies


Problem: Leaders at a large retailer recognized that it was time to update their Waterfall software development strategy. With internal teams strapped for resources, our client looked for outside experts to come work alongside internal leaders to define, establish, and embed new processes in the company.

Solution: The retail company brought in Kalles Group to support a team of Agile coaches and internal employees tasked with transitioning the Information Systems Group teams’ workflow from Waterfall to Agile.

The result was a new Agile Coaching office that was more organized, efficient, and purposeful, delivering the training, coaching, and support needs unique to this retail technology department.

Problem: The payments technology group at our Fortune 500 fashion retail client manages the technology that facilitates customer payments for orders placed online via the company’s website and mobile apps. The team was facing a hard deadline to migrate credit card payments to their third-party processor’s new technical communication standard.

Solution: Kalles Group worked closely with the engineering team to facilitate transition to the cloud, providing a streamlined architecture and the latest, most secure software versions. Together, they designed and built microservices, database schema, messaging protocols and layouts, security, deployment automation, and metrics and analytics. The new software eliminates security and fraud risks that the company had faced.

The client’s technology team is now freed from the support drag required by the old system and can now focus on future system expansions and improvements.



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