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We believe that success begins with alignment across your organization. Providing effective learning materials for your team helps achieve alignment, ensuring that your team can move forward together in the midst of change. Learning is a fundamental need across all organizations.

Whether it is associated with project roll-outs or supporting ongoing operations, we provide learning solutions that engage employees in performance improvement behaviors that drive business success.

Success begins with alignment across your organization

Our clients are committed to excellence and strive to be leaders in their industries. However, the growing complexity of organizations compounded by frequently shifting priorities and an increasingly mobile workforce have led to a significant decrease in workforce alignment.

We follow a four-step approach to create the right learning solutions for you.

Kalles Group Four Step Learning Approach

When organizations take the time to learn, they create internal alignment, and when an organization is aligned, they can move forward together, even in an ever-changing environment.

From our findings in the Learning Assessment, we develop customized solutions for your team. We work with subject matter experts to create quality content, design engaging activities, even code online learning games specifically designed for your employees based on their personas, ensuring that the content is educational as well as enjoyable and effective.

STEP 2: Learning Development

STEP 3: Content Management

Before investing in new content, we look through the available resources, then fill in any gaps with original content. Our team handles Storage Solution Implementation, from finding the right content management system (CMS) or learning management system (LMS), to migrating content and delivering it to your team so that your employees can easily engage with it.

We deliver your learning tools in the best way for your organization. From facilitating classes to deploying your new CMS, we equip your team to move forward with confidence. We also provide post-learning reporting and analytics so that you can measure the effectiveness of your learning tools.

We offer recommendations for improvements or next steps through our own analysis of your metrics.

STEP 4: Learning Delivery


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