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Instructional Design & Learning

Instructional Design and Learning (IDL) is a coordinated strategy for managing the broader challenges surrounding learning programs. A highly effective IDL effort provides an analysis of all components of a learning request and then designs and delivers the most impactful learning method to ensure employee engagement and performance improvement.


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Learning Experience Design

A high-quality learning experience is informed by a comprehensive discovery. It is critical to analyze a company’s environment, clarify what areas have room for measurable improvement, define clear outcomes, explore learner personas, and identify the most relevant learning methodology. This ranges from a well-designed change management and communication plan to the most effective user-centered design.

  • Learning Needs Assessment
  • Learning Experience Strategy
  • Change Management Planning
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Learning Development

Whether using instructor-led learning, self-paced delivery methods like gamification, or immersive learning, clear and concise content is critical. With well-defined learning objectives, we bring Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to write content for a target audience, design engaging activities, and code online learning games to ensure user adoption of new systems and processes.

  • Technical Writing
  • Content Development
  • Game Development
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Content Management

There is no need to recreate content when there is already material available. Instead, we partner with your team to understand the most relevant and useful information for the learners and fill in the gaps with customized content. A full strategy includes an effective delivery system such as an LMS or content management systems as well as a long-term sustainment plan.

  • Content Curation
  • Storage Solution Implementation
  • Content Management
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Learning Delivery

Facilitating a learning session is an art. It requires familiarity with content as well as knowing how to lead a variety of participants through a learning journey. Our professional Facilitators are skilled at online and in-person learning and know how to engage an audience and lead them through a positive learning experience. Whether delivering self-paced online learning or games, our deployment team ensures a smooth launch and proper communications for maximum learner participation.

  • Facilitation
  • Learning Deployment
  • Post-Learning Reporting and Analytics
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