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When it comes to keeping your enterprise safe, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We take a risk-based approach to information security, helping businesses understand what they face, put the right programs and protections in place, and move into a more secure future.

Cyber Risk Services

Risk & Security Assessments

Understanding IT risk is vital. Our team performs risk and security assessments that provide confidence in decision-making by identifying the most important issues and helping to prioritize remediation actions.

We help you choose and implement the right security framework to successfully align people, processes, and technologies.

InfoSec Framework Implementation & Alignment

Security Policies & Standards

We work with you to create and mature policies, standards, and procedures, ensuring that they are useable and relevant to your entire organization.

We build right-sized IT risk programs and tools that prioritize risk mitigation in a way that supports achievement of business objectives while reducing uncertainty.

Integrated Risk Management

Case Studies


Problem: After experiencing a security breach, leaders at our Fortune 500 fashion retail client recognized that the company needed a coordinated, centralized system for reporting security issues so they could be expedited and addressed by the right people. The eGRC tool RSA Archer was in use to accept issue reporting, but use was limited to a small group.

Solution: Kalles Group partnered with the GRC Archer team to build a new solution for managing security issues. The Kalles Group team delivered an end-to-end solution – from design through training – that increased efficiencies, streamlined processes, and reduced workload. Now that all employees could create Findings, and all security teams had visibility into reports and Findings issues, the security team would be able to focus energy on the risks that matter.

The new system offered improved performance, giving access, configuration rights, and control to a wider audience.

Problem: When a new CTO joined a rural utility in eastern Washington, one of the first priorities was to gain a realistic understanding of threats to the organization's mission- to provide uninterrupted power and fiber connectivity to the county.

Solution: Needing answers quickly, the CTO gave the Kalles Group team six weeks to perform a security risk assessment. Kalles Group had to come up to speed quickly to understand how the IT systems worked to support the organization's mission. Our team spoke to dozens of employees and reviewed over 70 critical systems.

Skillful questioning, sensitivity to the organization's culture, and demonstrated understanding of IT systems helped gain trust from the employees, winning their cooperation to expedite the assessment.



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