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Our business solutions provide tailored capabilities to meet your current and long-term needs by providing a combination of consulting services, business applications, and functional capability to deliver the right solution for your organization.


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SumBridge™ is an accounting and finance professional services firm that specializes in helping companies with their Accounting and Finance people needs. From interim resources to special projects to finding the right full-time employees, SumBridge™ brings a comprehensive commitment that spans the entire engagement process from beginning to end.

Accounting and Financial Consulting Placement

We understand what it takes to succeed in this rapidly changing climate. With years of experience working in this industry, we have the knowledge and network to help meet your interim needs quickly and professionally.

Our focus areas include: Accounting Operations Management; Financial Management and Analysis; Project Leadership and Execution; Financial Systems, Technology, and Proecss Projects; E-Commerce; Corporate Tax, Internal Audit, and Compliance based Projects


We provide consulting resources and interim professionals who assist with specific and project based needs. We have the knowledge and networks to meet your needs quickly and professionally with a track record of success. Our collaborative approach provides results and a commitment to the highest quality work.

Recruitment Services

We make hiring simple, fast, and effective. Our placement services can reduce your time to fill open roles and improve the quality of applicants for specified opportunities. Our lasting relationships allow us unique access to the passive and active candidate markets which have proven to increase applicant pools.

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Additional Information

For more information about SumBridge™ please check out their website. If you’d like to speak with us to learn how SumBridge™ can help you specifically, contact us for a free consultation.


PlanQube™ is an outcomes-based planning solution that helps organizations align their business investments to goals and show a clear picture of how these investments are impacting the business. It is an easy and relevant app that not only helps save time and costs from the current planning process through simplification, but it also provides better insights on how to manage initiatives. Designed by planning experts, we provide a simple and effective solution that will help you plan and operate with efficiency and accuracy.

Plan and Budget

Help your executives understand your need for headcount and budget. When executives can understand the business impact of what you are trying to do, you can get more done. With continuous shifts in the business environment, you can easily model out 'What If?" scenarios so you can make informed decisions that optimizes business results.

Measure Results

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. In a fast-moving environment, show how your programs and campaigns are performing against your plan to help you quickly adjust and respond. Track and measure results in a way that shows the relationship to your end goals.

Alignment and Visibility

Lack of alignment across the organization produces the wrong results. Align teams across the organization with a cascade plan that clearly lays out meaningful goals and targets for everyone to achieve. Help your teams to understand how their daily activities contribute to reaching organizational goals.

Save Time and Effort

Updating spreadsheets and presentation decks is valuable time wasted. With an automated planning process that tracks and measures progress, you have more time to understand the results and drive more business value. One source of information that gives you a holistic view of your different business channels and how they impact your organization.

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Additional Information

For more information about PlanQube™ please check out their website. If you’d like to speak with us to learn how PlanQube™ can help you specifically, contact us for a free consultation.

Microsoft Security Risk Detection

Kalles Group has partnered with Microsoft’s Security Risk Detection team to bring you world-class security and risk detection services. Commonly referred to as MSRD, it is Microsoft’s unique fuzz testing service for finding security critical bugs in software. MSRD helps customers quickly adopt practices and technology battle-tested over the last 15 years at Microsoft.

Million Dollar Bugs

Security Risk Detection uses "Whitebox Fuzzing" technology which discovered one-third of the "million dollar" security bugs during Windows 7 development.

Battle Tested Tech

The same state-of-the-art tools and practices honed at Microsoft for the last decade and instrumental in hardening Windows and Office — with the results to prove it.

Scalable Fuzz Testing

One click scalable, automated, Intelligent Security testing lab in the cloud.

Cross-Platform Support

Linux Fuzzing is now available. So, whether you're building or deploying software for Windows or Linux or both, you can utilize this service.

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Additional Information

Kalles Group MSRD solutions are currently only available to premier clients. For more information about MSRD please visit Microsoft's Security Risk Detection website.