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The 1:1 Referral Bonus

At Kalles Group, we take pride in building long-lasting, trust-based relationships with both the candidates and clients we work with. We believe that investing in the people around Kalles Group is an extension of our founding values. But we want to extend that commitment to our broader community members as well. On top of this, we see this as a great opportunity to give back to our local community here in the Pacific Northwest. So we are proud to announce the creation of our new 1:1 Referral Bonus program.

Referral infographic

Step 1: Refer a Friend!
To participate in this program, all you have to do is share with us the name of someone talented within your network of friends and colleagues who has demonstrated mastery in their specific area of expertise within the Information Technology field.   We will review their qualifications and reach out to this person with any upcoming opportunities and when possible will work to align them with a great new job opportunity.

Step 2: +$1000 Bonus for You!  For every referral of a successful placement,* Kalles Group will send you a referral bonus check in the amount of $1,000.00!  This is our way of saying a warm “Thank You!” for being part of the growing Kalles Group community and in playing a key role in helping your friend or colleague move into an exciting new opportunity.

Step 3:  + $1000 to Charity!  On top of the bonus you receive, Kalles Group will donate an additional $1000 to a charity of your choice!  You may choose to join us in supporting a number of charity organizations that Kalles Group currently supports – or you may choose to donate the $1000 to a charity of your own!   Either way, we’re excited at the opportunity to collaborate with you in having a positive impact in our local community.

This program is our way of joining you in paying it forward, so thank you for being a part of giving back to the community! To proceed with referring someone, simply fill out the form below with the required information and someone from the Kalles Group team will follow up with you shortly.

Kalles Group Proudly Supports:

[*] Your $1,000 referral bonus will be contingent upon the referral working in their new position for a minimum of 90 days and is subject to the terms and conditions of the specific client engagement.  As with any program, Kalles Group may amend or cancel the program at any time and for any reason.  The 1:1 Referral program is not a contract or assurance of employment or compensation. By law, all 1:1 Referral program payouts will be subject to appropriate federal and state taxes.  No advances may be made on the 1:1 Referral program payout.   All referrals are 100% confidential.  Neither your name nor that of the referral will be released without said parties consent. Names and contacts given to Kalles Group are held in the highest security possible and are never bought, sold or distributed. 

[**] Only accredited 501c3 organizations can be donated to and any inflammatory groups will not be considered.  Thank you for reading this small print, and if you have any questions, please let us know.