Data Privacy- how to make it practical

Data privacy- how to make it practical

How to make data privacy practical

Learning how to make data privacy skills practical can lead to better outcomes for your organization. What actions are you taking to move beyond simple data privacy awareness and actually start applying data privacy principals?

Below are 3 practical examples of how you can move from awareness to skill-building in order to enable your organization to actively apply data privacy principals.

Build data privacy awareness

  1. Audit shared files for sensitive data
  2. Be aware of your surroundings when discussing personal and sensitive data
  3. Limit access to physical documents. In a virtual world this also means protecting what someone can see on your video call.

Build data privacy skills

  1. Review and modify your personal and corporate file storage locations (ie OneDrive, Google Docs, Dropbox, and iCloud) and review/modify sharing permissions
  2. While working from home, you may have to be less judicious than you would be working from public spaces, but it doesn’t hurt to be mindful of open windows or other ways people can see and overhear personal and corporate information. Investing in a privacy screen for your laptop or monitors may also be a good idea
  3. Use a virtual background on video calls (ie Zoom, Skype, MS Teams, and Google Hangout) when you have sensitive and personal data displayed near your desk.

Practice data privacy skills

  1. Provide staff with specific steps related to tools your company uses with visual elements to identify what is shared and how to stop sharing.
  2. Provide a specific link for staff to purchase privacy screens that work with a corporate device. Encourage staff to play music at speaking volume and see how much they can hear from different locations 0 outside an open and closed window or from another room with doors open/closed.
  3. Provide staff with specific steps on how to apply a background related to the virtual conferencing tool your company uses. Provide background images from your physical office space.

At Kalles Group, we think about going beyond the typical awareness statements you see in annual security awareness and corporate compliance training. We deliver learning experiences that build specific skills related to a knowledge point and then enable learners to apply those skills within their environment with specific hands-on activities. Contact Kalles Group below to level up your training program so you and your team can move beyond awareness to achieve better outcomes.