Kalles Group adopted short-iteration approach to building enterprise software

Short-iterative approach to building enterprise software


Kalles Group consultants aided in project planning, management, development, testing, and deployment. They streamlined processes, enhanced user experience, and automated quality assurance, resulting in a cutting-edge software solution.


Over the course of two decades, our client’s key software solution transitioned through numerous iterations, collecting a significant number of add-ons along the way. Although effective for core processes, the resulting system was complex and difficult to alter. The effects of new add-ons became increasingly difficult to manage, and third-party software became increasingly difficult to integrate. Additionally, the software was inefficient in its current state as it only possessed a fraction of the functionality desired by end-users.

Kalles Group was tasked with helping to evaluate our client’s existing business processes and software and provide a new solution that met all specifications. Kalles Group would provide expertise and talent at every design team level.


The scope of the project and the length of time since the last iteration suggested a need to redesign “from the ground up.” To this effect, Kalles Group deployed four consultants to integrate with each segment of the project team (Business Analysis, Project Management, Testing, and Software Development). One of Kalles Group’s Project Managers – an experienced Scrum Master – led the design team through 3 to 4-week sprints, utilizing the expertise of other Kalles Group team members to iterate through versions of the new software rapidly. During the project, the Project Manager developed consensus among high-level team members’ disparate yet valued opinions, fostering team solidarity. The new software package was launched in under six months.

Kalles Group led the design team through 3 to 4 week sprints, utilizing the expertise of other Kalles Group team members to rapidly iterate through versions of the new software.


Experienced Kalles Group consultants worked on every facet of the project to help plan, manage, develop, test and deploy our client’s software solution, providing essential service in the following areas:

Business Analysis:

  • Project definition: Drove requirements gathering sessions to define and develop project concept, objectives and approach.
  • Functional documentation: Created detailed documentation of business functions and user needs, including workflow and program functionality.
  • Software specifications and scope: Coordinated the development of business and functional requirements for the software solution.
  • Software evaluation: Assisted personnel with testing and evaluation of the new application.

Project Management:

  • Project management: Managed the entire project development life cycle.
  • Team integration and management: Developed consensus among senior team members with differing perspectives regarding the scope and direction of the final product.
  • Reduction and removal of team roadblocks: Outlined goals, milestones and deliverables and ensured the team stayed on schedule; swiftly identified and eliminated difficulties throughout the development process.
  • Project documentation: Maintained release notes and change documentation.

Software Development and Testing:

  • Collaboration: Established a build and deploy system to enable continuous integration. Created a deployment package using Web Deploy.
  • Framework development: Implemented several business functional areas using ASP.NET MVC and entity framework.
  • SQL Server database deployment automation: Provided SQL Server stored procedures and scripts for appropriate business functionality.
  • User experience: Crafted and designed a clear, concise, responsive graphical user interface (GUI).
  • Bug reporting automation: Quickly designed and implemented a robust and flexible design to create reports from the system.
  • Quality assurance automation: Deployed and monitored open-source automated testing software and procedures for code-driven and GUI regression testing.
  • Manual quality assurance: Developed a rigorous testing methodology in conjunction with the client’s software testers, utilizing all business functional areas of the software to ensure correct behavior.


Our client’s new software solution is now live. The solution has met or exceeded its initial goals by replacing its predecessor. In fact, the application is considered to be the first of its kind in our client’s field of expertise. The new software solution:

  • Is flexible and simple to update and manage, and provides much more depth for the end user.
  • Provides up-to-date, real-time data for the consumer online in a highly secure environment.
  • Holds, processes and manages more information than its predecessor and does so more efficiently, saving time and resources.

…the application is considered to be the first of its kind in our client’s field of expertise.


  • Team Foundation Server
  • MSBuild
  • Web Deploy
  • Windows Communication Foundation
  • Entity Framework
  • Kendo UI
  • SQL Server 2008 R2