Reengineering organizational culture with Six Sigma


Kalles Group's deep Six Sigma expertise transforms this telecom company's organizational culture.

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The Challenge

After experiencing an extended period of growth partially due to several key acquisitions, our client identified the need to:

  • Refresh their company culture in order to better assimilate and utilize their growing talent pool
  • Re-engineer many of their core business processes to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

To accomplish these, our client chose to create a business process team whose initial focus would be on applying Six Sigma methodologies and best practices to reduce complexity and streamline core revenue-impacting processes.

Our client tasked Kalles Group with identifying and assembling a team of senior business process analysts who would develop and manage medium and long term strategies for implementing Six Sigma techniques across the company. Ultimately, this team would be responsible for changing the overall culture and conversation across the business, building a new platform for their next phase of organizational growth.

Our Approach:

Kalles Group developed a team of five business process analysts and architects, all Six Sigma black belts or higher, and tasked them with several essential roles:


Provide training to client personnel across all levels and all divisions on Six Sigma methodology. Training must demonstrate how the adoption of Six Sigma techniques and tools would:

  • Facilitate greater productivity in their roles with less effort
  • Promote growth and innovation which would amplify the overall effectiveness of communication throughout functional teams
  • Provide a better service and higher customer satisfaction
Process refinement and standardization:

Streamline core revenue generating processes across the company, to help reduce difficulties in communication and goal fulfillment among functional teams

Business analytics:

Develop metrics to measure areas of quantifiable savings across and between divisions of people, processes and technology.

Technological evangelism:

Identify manual processes performed by personnel that would be better served using technology, and identify and promote the technological solutions that should be employed.

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The candidates [Kalles Group] provided were so on target, that we stopped our own recruiting e orts and switched our internal focus to interviewing those who Kalles Group sent our way

Jamie Lazaro

Sr Director, Integra Telecom

The Results

Kalles Group collaborated with our client’s senior leadership and workstream leads to:

  • Usher the company into Six Sigma taxonomy and methodology
  • Model, innovate and explore the potential of new and improved approaches
  • Minimize variability in business processes
  • Reduce time to delivery for commercial sales
  • Implement change management solutions

Kalles Group consultants fostered an environment where teams can now focus on developing and implementing efficient, quality solutions using a streamlined approach. In addition:

  • Our client has made solid first steps toward incorporating key practices of Six Sigma
  • Frameworks and guidelines are in place to ensure adherence to the client-driven emphasis on quality and efficiency
  • Disparate processes have been aggregated into unified methods, reducing the inherited discrepancies from previous acquisitions and preparing the company as it begins its next tier of growth
  • Our client’s company culture is beginning to shift, and the reinvigorated and refined corporate conversation has increased primary stakeholder satisfaction across the board